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Doing It Right the First Time

Published: Friday, July 21, 2017

Being in a sales-driven business has never been easy. There are always economic fluctuations, changing buyer trends, concerns of the stock market or political changes, and uncertainty in the job market. These endless concerns are often used to justify certain purchasing behaviors by the average consumer.

For the past nine months, my husband and I have been building our dream home. As seems always happens, the project has left us over-budget and two months past our estimated completion date. My husband and I have found ourselves battling the “Should we do the upgrade now or wait until later?” question. My husband is always the one to say, “Let’s do it right the first time so there is no concern or stress of having to upgrade later.” I am the more frugal one always trying to save our pennies. Biting my tongue, I must admit that, in most cases, he has been right.

The irony is this: I have been the Sales and Marketing Director of Loadmaster Trailer for 12 years already (wow, time flies). The one point I always stress to customers when we are designing their trailer is to always design it for their ideal use in the beginning: it is far easier to build the trailer to suit their long term goals than to try and add accessories or do adjustments after the fact. Luckily for me, once the trailer is complete, the customers are always grateful for the suggestion when they see how much easier the trailer is to load and launch, and how beautifully and accurately it tows. Because trailers are getting more and more custom, we are able to offer endless options and products or custom design work to alleviate the headaches our customers have experienced in the past while towing or loading their boats.

Similarly, sometimes we have customers who choose not to buy our trailer because it is more expensive than the more generic style product they can walk into a dealer and buy. In some cases, those trailers are just fine for a consumer’s boat and needs. For boaters with large, heavy boats or those whom tow frequently, or with intricate boat hulls, etc., oftentimes we do our best to educate them on the differences in the products, in hopes to alleviate the stress and frustration they will incur with an improperly fitting product or underrated trailer. It is not uncommon for us to have customers call us and mutter the words, “You were right.” It is also not uncommon to have people call us stranded on the side of the road with a trailer broken in half, a bent axle, tires blown from being over-loaded, etc. begging us to build them a strong, quality trailer they now realize they needed.

The moral of the story is this: sure, we all have a budget (well, most of us do), but one thing to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing certain products is “What purpose does this have?” If the answer is strength, support, constant use, etc., it is likely in your best interest, if able, to bite the bullet and go for quality up front to prevent issues and failures that could otherwise have been avoided.

Happy Boating! I hope to see you on the water!

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