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ITS TIME—to show consumers and stores why the patented Bobber With A Brain is in a class of its own when bank & boat fishing !

Published: Monday, September 15, 2014



The One & Only automatic, stationary slip bobber in the world is not just a fly by night product but a 20 year catching machine used world-wide & USA made! The bobber puts your baits where the fish are one to five feet off the bottom regardless of the depth and it does that automatically with NO line stopper needed EVER like the picture shows!


Because the B.W.A.B. uses a tight line presentation from the bottom up a fish does not have a chance to strip the baits by swimming upward like fish do with ALL other bobbers. Using the B.W.A.B. once a fish takes the bait & swims in any direction only a few inches a bite is detected instantly giving quicker catches!


The sensitivity of the B.W.A.B. is outstanding because the line comes out the top, just reversed of a regular slip bobber, which causes a tip of the bobber even with the slightest nibble from a very small fish!


Because the Bobber With A Brain works with any type crappie rig and sinker, it is simple to use & it’s a whole family product. We see smile after smile from many families, even the parents!


How many bobbers have you seen that will NOT DRIFT even in a 30 mph wind, NONE!

This bobber will even work in a medium current for Smallmouth Bass with minnows. Double catch testimonials keep coming in using two baits off bottom! Night Fishing with the B.W.A.B. is amazing when you can see a bite 200 feet away!


Large Mouth bass fishing with the B.W.A.B. will really impress anyone watching that is using the same bait but only catching 10% of what the B.W.A.B. is catching! Bass fishing with the B.W.A.B. is a simple method for largemouth Bass, just reel the B.W.A.B. in 10 feet then let set 20 seconds and do this the whole way back to shore! This method will hook many bass with doubles and even triple catches. This bobber resets the baits off the bottom every time you stop reeling! B.W.A.B. also works great with plastic baits but with live worms it’s outstanding!


The B.W.A.B. jigging effect is one of a kind because of its tight line presentation. Rod movement up and down gives the baits an off the bottom a 3 inch up and down jigging motion, that can only be done with the B.W.A.B.! This jigging motion causes a gathering of many fish!


Fishing for perch & gills with small worms is impressive. I caught 40 fish at Deep Creek Maryland several summers ago from the dock. A guy in a boat came over that fished all day with only one catch but he did not have the B.W.A.B.! Most of the gills were over 9 inches at that lake. The perch were around 11 inches. We even caught walleye and bass! Stores that do not sell the BWAB are living in the past!  Nice reviews on Amazon! Huge testimonial page on our web at

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