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Wish List For Boat Owners

Published: Friday, May 24, 2019

Have you ever wished for an extra hand on board when docking your boat? A thruster to navigate that tricky maneuver? A powerful searchlight in a black night on the sea? What about a low vision thermal camera to detect a person that fell overboard that same night? Or one to see an oncoming obstacle? Have you ever wished for a power supply booster to keep your shore power steady, and free from quirky power jolts and surges? Have you wished you could proudly display something in lights, like your boat’s name, to really take the cake at your next boat party?

The Yacht Group’s collection of innovative products fulfills these wishes and more!



Sixteen years ago, Yacht Controller introduced the first wireless remote control for boating and 18,000+ customers have experienced how easy it is to single-handedly control a boat (of even 90+ feet) with precision and security. The classic Yacht Controller has become indisputably the “most trusted piece of equipment in the marine industry” - sometimes imitated with copies that fail, but never duplicated - as every Yacht Controller owner can testify. Just ask the next time you see one in use; Yacht Controller customers love their equipment!


To make maneuvering even easier, a complete line of easy-to-mount external thrusters was designed by the world’s leading thruster manufacturer, using rare earth element magnetization for exceptional power; sealed, water-cooled motors for long running time with low battery draw; and virtually no maintenance. Born 10 years ago, Yacht Thruster fulfilled the wish for an easy-to-install, superior thruster for power and sail boaters alike, and now wakeboard boats can enjoy the power of our “Easy Drive” thruster, especially made for them.

Away from the dock on dark and lonely nights, the Yacht Beam line of powerful searchlights range from one million to eight million candle power. No unexpected, unseen object or threat will go unnoticed in the dark because a flimsy low-power searchlight was unable to illuminate the threat in time to avoid collision. The captain and all guests can relax in the comfort and security allowed by knowing Yacht Beam lights the night! 

When visibility is limited due to darkness or otherwise, Yacht Cam provides the security of hi-definition thermal imaging to easily single out and define a MOB, an oncoming vessel, an obstruction in the water, and more. Yacht Cam’s superb detection range and its scanning and zoom features combine with color palettes, scene saturation, and a 30x optical zoom low light camera allowing a boater the ability to operate in less light than starlight, making it essential for safety at sea in low visibility.


For comfort and fun, Yacht Boost is the perfect booster, isolator, and surge protector for your boat. Easy to install and fully automatic, this system provides stable and steady power when dock power falls or surges, protecting all of your electrical components on board – from refrigeration units to air conditioning. This isolator also eliminates the possibility of stray electrical dockside power entering the water through your boat, which can electrocute swimmers especially easily in freshwater! Yacht Boost is inexpensive insurance for safety and comfort while afloat!


Yacht Graphx is the ultimate expression of your boating personality. Any design, any material, any illumination - it can be made, and you can design it for free using our amazing Design Wizard. Try it. You will love it!

The Yacht Group products make boating safer, more comfortable, and relaxing.
We can make all your wishes a reality! Visit our website and contact us for your local dealer.
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This article first appeared in the Launch Issue (May/Jun) 2019 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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