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Winter Is Coming!

Published: Monday, October 9, 2017

The war with corrosion is nothing new for boaters and marine manufacturers continue to develop solutions to combat the effects of corrosion. The number one area of concern is the cooling system because that is where salt, brackish water, and silt are introduced inside the engine. Just because you don’t see corrosion doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Winterize It Pro approaches the problem from the inside out. It protects and coats the cooling passages in the power head with corrosion inhibitors, conditioners, as well as a non-toxic antifreeze, eliminating the hassle of the traditional ‘pink stuff’ most run through their engines during winter storage. Winterize It Pro can only be used on outboards and personal watercraft that are equipped with the built-in factory flush kit, which are on just about every outboard and personal watercraft that has been produced in the last 20+ years. Surprisingly, many boaters aren’t even aware of the built-in factory flush kit on their motor.

Winterize It Pro is the first and only product to take advantage of this direct connection to the powerhead with a special adaptor on the aerosol can. Just connect the adaptor from the can to the motor (see factory photos), depress, and about a minute later the protective fluid has traveled throughout the power head leaving behind a protective coating. Once you see the fluid exiting the exhaust, you know it’s protected. One can protects most engines up to 300hp however, some larger marine engines will need more than one can. There are no tools or special skills needed.

With the cost of marine outboards and personal watercraft today, it’s a no-brainer to utilize the advances made in marine maintenance. Winterize It Pro’s approach is a clever, innovative way to protect those vital cooling passages. Keeping those cooling passages as designed by the marine engine manufacturers will prevent premature breakdown of motor oil and loss of fuel economy.

So, as you prepare for winterizing, remember there’s now an easy solution to protect your powerhead cooling ports. Winterize It Pro is available at West Marine and other fine marine retailers, or visit

Winter Is Coming! Are you prepared?


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