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Versatility Reigns Throughout The Belzona Fleet

Published: Monday, August 12, 2019

Suppose you’re the head of a multinational polymer composite company and an engineer by trade, and you’re not satisfied with the versatility of center consoles and walkaround boats on the market. What would you do? You’d design a better boat, of course. That’s exactly what Belzona’s President, Joel Svendsen, did when he founded Belzona Boats in 2011.

“We looked at the boating industry and saw many manufacturers specializing in a particular niche - fishing boats, weekend cruisers, or family-oriented designs. What was difficult to find was a boat allowing you to do it all on one platform,” stated Svendsen.

That pursuit of versatility has taken Belzona Boats from initial concept drawings to a manufacturer with a fleet of five models and one of Miami’s largest boat manufacturing plants.

Belzona models range from 27’ to 40’, offering both spacious center consoles and walkaround options with comfortably equipped cabins. There are features, packages, and layouts differentiating each model, but all have a few key characteristics in common: quick-planing deep-vee hulls that handle extremely well in choppy conditions, large cockpits with customizable seating and fishing options, 360 degrees of fishable deck space, and luxurious amenities uncommon for boats within their class.


Aboard Belzona’s 32’ center console, 32’ walkaround, and 40’ center console, you’ll find the feature that made them a household name: their patented Easy Open Sliding Door. Located on the starboard side of the cockpit, it cleverly allows the entire gunnel to slide aft rather than swing inward or fold down. This creates a 40” opening with a telescoping ladder, making the boats ideal for divers and sandbar loungers alike.

Asked about the design behind the door, Svendsen said, “I wanted an outboard boat, because they’re overall so much better, but it was a pain as a diver to have to get on and off the boat from the back near the engines. To add to that, my wife correctly said, ‘I don’t want the kids playing and boarding the boat near the engines, I’d prefer them to be away from that.’ So, I was interested in designing a boat with a great side door – and not something small you could squeeze through, something that could be opened so wide that it would feel like having a diving platform on the side of the boat.”

With the launch of their 27’ center console on the horizon, Belzona will be adding similar functionality to their 27-footers with a new design they’ve coined the “Jumper Door.” Given the shorter cockpit and gunnel length, Belzona once again had to get creative with designing a door that would accomplish the same function as their sliding door. Rather than sliding aft, the Jumper Door lifts and swings aft, offering similar ease of access.

The 27cc has Belzona poised to offer boaters across the country a platform with the versatility for lake, bay, and offshore fishing. Its hull drafts just 20”, and with a 200-gallon tank and twin Mercury V6 FourStrokes on the transom, its range is likely to exceed 500 miles on a single tank.


With their fleet offering options for families of all sizes, Belzona continues to be one of the best options for those in search of a boat that can effortlessly switch between fishing, entertaining, and a relaxing weekend cruise.

To find more information about Belzona Boats, visit their website,



This article first appeared in the Summer Issue (Jul/Aug) 2019 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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