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VersaChock: Removable Cooler Bucket/Cargo Tie Down Kits

Published: Monday, July 31, 2017

VersaChock, is a just-launched, new product to the boating market. VersaChock is the only removable chock tie down system of its kind. It has a very unique design that consists of multiple base brackets, which are permanently installed to the boat deck with #10 x ½” stainless steel screws (included). Once the base brackets are installed, there are removable “chocks” that are inserted into the base brackets without any tools or mechanical fasteners! The removable chocks are tall enough to keep most coolers in place without tie downs, but also include large, integrated hooks that allow most standard-size tie downs to be used as well.

VersaChock kits are sold in 4 pack kits for coolers/cargo (rectangular shapes) and 2 pack kits for buckets/pails (round shapes). VersaChock bases and chocks are injection molded, using the finest quality UV-stabilized thermoplastics. They have been strength-tested and are much stronger than most other products currently on the market. Jeff Brawner is the inventor of VersaChock and President of Jefferson Design Inc (manufacturer of VersaChock products).

Jeff has over 32 years of experience in marine, automotive, and consumer product design, development, patents/trademarking, and manufacturing. Jeff has been an avid boater since he was a little kid, and even built his first boat at 15 years old. He has always had a passion for product design and creating solutions through creative and innovative ideas. Jeff purchased his first center console in Tampa, Fla. in 2012.

“Since the boat came with 2 coolers, which were held in place with permanently mounted cooler chocks, I rarely ever used the cooler in front of the center console,” explained Jeff. “So, I removed the front cooler to have more room on the front of the boat. Every time I walked around the front of the boat, I constantly tripped on the chocks and got tired of bruising my toes! That’s when I started looking for something better. I could not find a removable tie down kit that would hold my coolers in place without using tie down straps. Then my mind started working 24/7 on a solution.” After multiple design iterations, 3D printed part samples, various patents and trademarks filed, and injection molds built, “VersaChock” was born and ready for all to enjoy.

VersaChock is bound to be the perfect addition to all types of boats. The high-quality material, finish, and design will look just as great on high end boats, as on any small sport center consoles, pontoon boats, and cruisers! VersaChock can be purchased at many marine stores, as well as online at

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