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ValvTect Offers The Correct Fuel Additives For Winterizing Today’s Newest Fuels

Published: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

With changes in fuel blends over the last several years, boaters need to pay more attention than ever to the fuel additives they use on their boats at haul-out time.

Ethanol gasoline blends and ultra-low sulfur diesel require a multi-functional fuel additive to keep fuel “fresh” and protect the engine over the winter, a departure from just a few years ago when a simple single-function stabilizer would get the job done. Although most gasoline stabilizers will keep the fuel stable, they don’t provide protection from corrosion and phase separation that can ruin boaters’ engines and their next boating season. Additionally, many of the additives also require using the product at double the amount for storage conditions. Boaters need to read the product labels thoroughly.

There are steps a boater can take to help decide which additive to use in their boat. They should find out if it contains the necessary components outlined above – corrosion inhibitor, moisture dispersant, stabilizer, detergent, biocide, etc. Most importantly, boaters should ask if the additive they want to use has been tested, and whether or not the testing meets ASTM specifications.

ValvTect X-Tended Protection+ Gasoline Treatment meets all ASTM specifications. Also, ValvTect X-Tended Protection+ Gasoline Treatment is the ONLY product to post the actual tests and test results in ads and literature to meet the "proof of performance" boaters should require of the product they purchase.

ValvTect’s BioGuard Plus 6 is the only diesel additive available in the United States that contains an EPA-approved biocide plus stabilizer, corrosion inhibitor, detergent, and water dispersant. It will prevent bacteria, stabilize diesel fuel for up to two years, and prevent sludge and corrosion. BioGuard Plus 6 eliminates the need to purchase, handle, and measure multiple products.

All the components are compatible, are the correct ratio, and are less expensive than purchasing multiple products.
ValvTect Marine Fuel additives are available from marine retailers nationwide. For more information, visit, email [email protected], or call 1+800.728.8258.

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