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The Perfect Gift: Get a Custom, 3D Wood Map, Clock, Coffee Table

Published: Wednesday, November 22, 2017
By: Charles Maskaluk, Owner

Carved Lake Art is passionate about providing gifts and heirloom quality wood art to boating and nautical lovers. Inspired by the love of the water, Carved Lake Art creates 3D laser-cut depth charts of the lakes and oceans of the world. From Long Lake to Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico, Carved Lake Art most likely has your favorite body of water available in a wood map, clock, or coffee table — all display accurate depth charts of your favorite body of water.

There are so many wonderful gifts available right now for people who love the Great Lakes. So many companies are creating wonderful products that are inspired by the Great Lakes. Because of this, we are continually humbled and appreciative of the amazing responses we get from our customers. They say things like, "I love this map of the Grand Traverse region. It will go well alongside my Lake Michigan one. The actual depths carved in 3D indicating the depth is neat."

Some people have asked me how I got into this business of selling custom depth charts of the lakes and oceans. Well, it really stems from my personal passion for the water. I love to swim, boat, and just "be" in the water. The water, and especially the Great Lakes, has a calming presence on me. Each body of water is a bit different, as far as how I am impacted by it. Lake Michigan, to me, is majestic and gorgeous while Lake Superior is powerful and has the spirit of a warrior. None of the Great Lakes are the same and that is one of the reasons that people are drawn to them. The "unsalted" lifestyle, free of sharks and other creatures that dwell in salt water, attracts many people from around the world to vacation or move here permanently.

So, whether you live in the Great Lakes region during the summer, live here year round, or vacation here whenever you can, you can hang or place an heirloom quality map or coffee table in your home and reflect on your time in the Great Lakes region with fondness.

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