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Published: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Greenline Yachts was started in 2009 and, from the very beginning, were designed with environmentally conscious boaters in mind. We started developing the Hybrid system and became one of the first boat builders to implement vacuum infusion technology in the production of our yachts. When compared to traditional hand lay-up, this technology has many benefits such as optimizing the amount of resin used, making for a stronger, lighter boat. We also use the highest quality materials, such as osmosis-proof vinylester resin that is more environmentally friendly and helps to drastically reduce emissions while the yacht is being produced. Now, we are taking our care for the lakes and oceans to the next level.

Built in Slovenia, which was recently recognized as “The World’s First Green Country”, Greenline Yachts has produced over 800 Yachts and delivered them to over 28 countries. The yachts range in size from 33’ - 65’. Starting with the multiple award winning 33’ and 39’ models, the company is closing in on producing the 200th model of the extremely popular 40’, which is currently in stock in Chicago. Recently introduced was the 48’ Coupe “Great Loop” edition as a companion ship to the very successful 48’ Flybridge, as well as a 58’ and 65’ in our “OceanClass” division. We offer H-drive (Diesel Electric Hybrid) as well as the recently introduced E-Drive (Full Electric Drivetrain) on all of our models, and if performance is your biggest goal, we can offer a “Diesel Only” version which still incorporates all of the solar panel technology making it one of the “greenest” diesel boats available. By using solar panels, which serve as a renewable source of energy in place of a generator, we are making sure that Greenline owners leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible while still enjoying the boating life that they all enjoy.

The proprietary Hybrid Hull design evolved from the original Super-displacement Hull, which incorporates some of the properties of a modern sailboat hull in that it moves through the water with the least amount of drag, and exceeds the theoretical speed of the hull (determined by the length of the waterline). The Hybrid Hull is a natural evolution as it enables cruising at higher speeds while still maintaining optimal consumption and stability at lower cruising speeds. The Hybrid Hull allows for smooth and stable cruising at anywhere between 5 and 25 knots or more. With this in mind, the owner can choose from the range of engines offered allowing the power of the engines to determine the cruising speed without compromising on the safety, stability, or consumption levels of The Greenline Yacht.

Greenline has come to the Great Lakes with the opening of a new Yacht Sales International office, located in Chicago and operating out of DuSable Harbor (summer) and Crowleys Yacht Yard (winter). Partnering with the Fort Lauderdale office are Chicago marine industry veterans Captain Kevin Davis, Captain Chris Connor, and Mary Zehren. All are licensed Florida Yacht Brokers and members of The International Yacht Brokers Association and each brings an abundance of knowledge to serve you and all your needs.

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This article first appeared in the Spring Issue (Mar/Apr) 2019 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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