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Teak Life: Wood Protection For The Toughest Environment On Earth

Published: Friday, December 8, 2017

Nothing evokes the historic romance of the sea like the natural beauty of teak decking. But the marine environment is one of the toughest environments on earth — meaning significant exposure to sun, storms, salt, and spray. Teak Life, a new family of products from Sansin, was born from a passion for the sea — and a passion for the beauty and performance of wood.

Sansin is a global leader in high performance, environmentally friendly wood protection. Since 1986, Sansin has been focused on creating the best performing, most beautiful wood finishes in the world. The company also happens to be staffed with passionate sailors.

These Sansin sailors like to keep their boats in “Bristol fashion,” but they had a hard time finding anything on the market that lived up to their exacting standards. So, they decided to put their years of wood coatings development experience toward creating a line of marine-grade products designed specifically to protect and enhance the natural beauty of teak decks.

The resulting family of products, named Teak Life, keep teak decks looking beautiful. With a range of sealers, protective coatings, seam sealants, and maintenance products, Teak Life ensures yachters will be able to enjoy the beauty of their decks for years to come.

• Teak Life UV, available in four shades, extends the life of teak decks and furniture by protecting against UV damage and discoloration.

• Teak Life Natural Weathering is a teak sealer that wears gently and reduces teak deck maintenance by preventing darkening and moisture absorption, extending the life of teak decks by dramatically improving the wood’s water repellency and dimensional stability.


• Teak Life Wood Wash is designed for use on uncoated teak and restores weathered teak by removing dirt, contaminants, and UV-damaged wood fibers creating a clean, natural wood surface.

• Teak Jammer Seam Sealant is a high-performance seam sealant and structural adhesive, specially designed for complex marine bonding and sealing applications such as teak decks.


If you demand the absolute best in performance and beauty for your teak decks, furniture, and other teak surfaces, you will want to learn more about Teak Life by visiting

And, if you need teak maintenance, check out Teak Care, a professional, proactive maintenance assistance program for teak finishing projects that have been completed. Owners receive guidance on how they can maintain the durability and beauty of their teak and maximize their investment in a protective coating.

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