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SpeedGuard Marine

Published: Saturday, November 21, 2020

The SpeedGuard Hybrid Ceramic Marine protectant and surface enhancer is engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. by the ToughGuard Nano Coatings company located in Beaverton, Oregon. This unique hybrid coating is engineered with a combination of organic and inorganic components and delivers a hard yet flexible coating designed to withstand temperatures over 500°F. SpeedGuard Marine protects gelcoats and painted marine craft as well as glass, aluminum, and plastics from damaging Ultra Violet rays, salt crystals, exhaust, pollution, bug, and bird droppings.

The ToughGuard protective coatings product lines have been in the corporate and professional marketplace for over three decades, protecting some of the world’s most highly-valued and recognizable military and corporate marine and aviation assets. In this issue of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt, ToughGuard would like to introduce the SpeedGuard Marine long-lasting protectant and enhancement product to the consumer marine market for the first time.

SpeedGuard Marine is a quick and easy product to apply, providing long-term (at least six months) surface protection properties. SpeedGuard Marine physically bonds with surface substrates at the molecular level forming a mechanical bond between the surface and the product. This is a unique mechanism, which traditional boat waxes and inferior spray-on “ceramic” coatings do not exhibit. 

One of the greatest benefits of SpeedGuard Marine is the reduction of normal cleaning maintenance time and effort. Because of the mechanical bond and the tight contact level angle of 105° of the SpeedGuard Marine protective coating, dirt, debris, salt crystals, and other contaminants cannot adhere to the surface as easily. Other inferior coatings such as carnauba waxes become softened by the sun and high temperatures, allowing dirt and debris to stick into the waxes and then stay affixed in the wax for the duration of the life of the wax. Conversely, because of the high thermal temperature threshold of SpeedGuard Marine, dirt particulates, salt crystals, pollution, and other debris cannot stick thereby making the boat, watercraft, or jet ski stay cleaner and shinier for longer periods of time and extending the length of time between wash cycles.

SpeedGuard can also be used on matte finishes, providing the same protective qualities without affecting the desired matte finish look. 

This article first appeared in the Buyer's Guide 2021 (Nov/Dec 2020) of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

tags: Cleaners, Winterization

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