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Smoove Professional Marine Care Products

Published: Friday, December 22, 2017

Smoove Products were purpose-built by professional marine detailers with the sole intention of cleaning and protecting gel-coat and painted fiberglass. When creating, products from another industry — such as the auto detailing market — were NOT incorporated. Instead, each product was carefully formulated to work on the unique properties that gel-coat and painted fiberglass represent.

While under development, the products were also focused on ease of use. Each product has since been designed to achieve the best results with minimum effort. Smoove washes will clean well without stripping your current wax layer. Additionally, Smoove “waxes” are actually polymers that create a semi-permanent bond to the surface and aid in ease of cleaning while providing the maximum protection from UV damage and the harsh marine environment. Our compound has one job: “Make gel-coat shiny!” — with minimal effort.

The full line has been field tested for years to ensure that only the best, longest lasting, and easiest to use results were achieved. For the boat owner that likes their vessel to be perfect at all times, Smoove Products delivers the best technology on the market today. Visit today.


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