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Save Time, Gain Efficiency with MyTaskit Pro

Published: Friday, June 2, 2017

MyTaskit, a leading web-based software application, helps marine professionals get the most out of every day, with smart tools for improving workflows and boosting efficiency.

Intelligent Task Management

Being agile in a marine service environment is more critical than ever. On any given day, service managers must be able to prioritize and assign tasks. They are also in charge of the technicians’ time, and have to ensure techs are notified when schedules change. 

Improved Time Tracking and Task Coordination

With MyTaskit Pro, service managers can easily dispatch work and view tasks for the whole organization – all with real-time updates. Everyone knows where to be, what to do and when. Thanks to added efficiency and improved workflows, service yards and marine professionals using MyTaskit Pro don’t miss a beat. 

MyTaskit Pro’s integrated tools allow technicians to view all their tasks and comment on the tasks assigned to them, right from the app. Techs can also review photos, videos and documents that a service manager (or customer) has uploaded to a task. Additionally, they can add files of their own to document work as it’s being completed, and track time using a built-in timer or simply inputting total job hours.  Users can also enter comments right from their smartphone, and even use their device’s speech to text function. 

Full Integration into Back-Office Systems

Technicians’ hours and comments can be synced with company operations software so that their time is always applied right to the work order. And service managers can still review, allowing for adjustments to be made if necessary before time is logged to the actual work order. MyTaskit Pro customers report that eliminating double entry saves hours of work each day. 

A Strong ROI

When it comes to business, time is often directly linked to costs. A recent independent study concluded that the Coordination module of MyTaskit Pro not only resulted in marked improvements in time management, but also contributed to measurable cost savings. After one month of use, the marina featured in the study saw 15 times ROI, and continues to see improvements to their processes.

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