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Professional Responsibility Is Necessary, Training Has Never Been Easier

Published: Friday, August 23, 2019

Since opening in 1997, Marina Staff Training has focused on providing educational services to new staff, often as a prerequisite for employment in the premier marinas around the Great Lakes. The training that future and current staff members receive results in higher customer satisfaction throughout the boating world.

Environmental stewardship and safety are focal points of the program. Employers and employees must remain in compliance with an extensive amount of responsibility placed by OSHA, FCC, and DEQ requirements. Marina Staff Training’s course ensures this training all in a single eight-hour session.

Training includes important subjects such as the hazards of BBP (blood-borne pathogens), exposure and successful use of PPE's for safe fueling, as well as restroom cleaning and pump out procedures. FCC radio compliance and emergency response procedures are also in the course alongside line handling and knot tying.

Incorporated into the program two years ago, students will also learn the most current material on Electric Shock Drowning (ESD). Staffers will be able to educate the boating public about the hazards and procedures should someone be exposed, and appropriately recognize and respond to an ESD victim.

Throughout the course, Best Management Practices are promoted in all areas.

After demonstrating learned skills and documenting their knowledge via a written exam, students become certified and earn a lapel pin and official certificate for the marina office to display, proudly assuring the marina’s customer base of their knowledgeable staff.

In 2019, Marina Staff Training’s number of certified students has pushed to the 3,000 mark! In celebration, official burgees are being provided to marinas providing another assurance to their customers that they can expect outstanding service from professionally trained staff.

Marina Staff Training will come to a host Marina, where classes will be a combination of local facilities from both the public and private sector, allowing for students to meet other local marina staff and network their skills.

Marina Staff Training will come to you, and classes are scheduling now! Please visit or call Greg directly at 231-590-3917 today!

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