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Poised for Growth — Kanberra® Products Go Hand-In-Hand With Chemical Free Cleanliness

Published: Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Amazing things are happening at the Kanberra® Group! Customers have become loyal brand advocates. Daily feedback is received from people who say they use Kanberra® products in ways never imagined, from repelling insects to shining stainless steel appliances. Apparently, Kanberra has even saved a few marriages along the way… one person’s odor is another person’s misery!

Based in Lancaster, New York, the Kanberra® Group’s revenues are pumped up again by growth in hand soap sales. On the way to becoming a household name, Kanberra® products find themselves in homes and businesses from Portland to Poland.

“Our products clean and deodorize surfaces and the air without leaving lingering odors,” says CEO of the sister companies, Joel Solly. “We’re a unique brand that’s worldwide.”

Solly lost his father to asbestos-related cancer more than two decades ago and helped launch Indoor Air Professionals (IAP) in 1993. He spent a couple of years perfecting how to clean ventilation ducts without using harsh chemicals. He discovered that the same proprietary tea tree oil blend he developed for IAP could be used to make one-of-a-kind air purifying gel, spray, and wipes. The Kanberra Group was born in 2008, fueled by a continued focus on green living.

One of the first footholds of success came when the largest yacht chandlery in the world, based in Fort Lauderdale, took Kanberra onboard in the early days and quickly started buying large quantities. Mega-yachts literally took the products around the world and the rest is history.

Pure Australian tea tree oil is one of the most essential oils there is, known for its anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties which provide sterile, clean air. It’s not uncommon to hear: “It worked so well in every place we put it that we started putting it just about anywhere there was air!”

Kanberra products can not be called “another air freshener”. The name “all-natural air purifier” was trademarked because, “When you purify air, you’re removing the contamination that’s causing the problem. You’re removing the source of the odors.”

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