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One Product To Bolster Performance, Protect Props, Preserve Marine Life

Published: Friday, November 17, 2017

A product that every boater should have, the patented Hydro-Shield is a skeg-mounted hydro-foil that protects a boat’s propeller, improves its performance, and protects marine mammals from injury or death.

The skeg-mounted hydro-foil gets a boat up on plane quicker, improving visibility, fuel economy, and handling for all kinds of boats including skiffs, fishing and jon boats, yacht tenders, inflatables and rigid inflatables, pontoons, and for those used for water skiing.

Hydro-Shield also protects a boat’s propeller from damage due to underwater impacts; protects, reinforces, and replaces damaged and broken skegs due to its bracket system; and shields marine mammals from death and injury due to propeller strikes.

The under propeller hydro-foil is engineered to withstand impacts underwater, shielding the propeller from damage caused by submerged objects, such as rocks, oyster beds, coral, and general groundings. The shield also protects the prop from damage at boat ramps. This results in reducing otherwise costly repairs or stranding due to the loss of a propeller. Additionally, the patented design shields props from potential line entanglements caused by fish, lobster, or crab traps, as lines are diverted out of the way of the propeller due to the shield’s design.

Hydro-Shield’s mounting system is made from 316 marine grade stainless, which fortifies and guards an engine's skeg. In many cases, the brackets can be mounted to damaged skegs, and can even function as a skeg replacement in many of those situations.

In southern Florida and other equally environmentally-sensitive areas, the Hydro-Shield serves a particularly important role shielding marine mammals, such as manatees and sea turtles, from death and injury due to propeller strikes, and can protect sensitive marine grasses from propeller damage.

For applications on outboard and inboard/outboard motors, the Hydro-Shield is available for engines ranging from 5hp to 250hp and comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. For additional information, please visit today.



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