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No More Gas Cans!

Published: Monday, August 7, 2017 10:00 am

The birth of the Gas Dingo came about when two high school buddies got tired of hauling gas cans to refuel their boats, PWCs, ATVs, and lawn equipment. They wanted a quick, efficient, and safe way to keep their toys full of gas and spend more time with their families on the water.

Now, easily pull Gas Dingo right along your dock, garage, or hanger with any vehicle that has a 2” ball hitch and fill your toys up with ease; hoses can reach up to 175’. This 80-gallon recreational refueling system will save you time and backache by letting you say goodbye to hauling gas cans up and down stairs and into vehicles. To add to the convenience that the Gas Dingo will bring to you, you can get a remote-controlled hose reel to help speed up the refueling process. The Gas Dingo can handle most terrains and roads with its sturdy aluminum construction. It is fully DOT approved and fitted with trailer lights. Get ready to say goodbye to the gas can.

Start maximizing that precious daylight by having your fuel on-hand and ready to go when you are. You no longer have to pay for overpriced marina fuel; instead, you can watch the Gas Dingo quickly pay for itself. Additionally, getting rid of gas cans cuts down on leakage and spilling helping to keep our lakes and land clean. “Less time filling, more time playing” is what we like to say.

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