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Necessary to Decorative, Find Every Kind of Rope You Need

Published: Monday, February 26, 2018

Fourteen years ago, John Hartenburg established Knot & Rope Supply to specifically address the needs of the unique rope market in the Great Lakes region. At that time, there were no accessible ways for individuals or small companies to efficiently source rope for their boating requirements.

“When this company started, there were great products in the rope market, but the manufacturers were not so good at helping the end user actually obtain it,” says John. “Our goal was to consolidate the marketplace and serve as the one stop shop for all things rope.”

Fast forward to today and it is clear that Knot & Rope Supply is meeting this goal. With their central location in the thriving Great Lakes boating region, they have found success serving the rope needs of everyone from utility companies and arborists to boaters of all types. In fact, their customer base includes the entire United States, and Canada as well.

“One thing that makes us unique is our extensive range of rope and rope products,” says Hartenburg. “We can do everything from dock lines and running rigging to helping a customer select larger rope for their deck or landscaping job. Our onsite splicing department alone keeps our full-time staff busy, creating custom splicing for our customers.”

The most recent addition to the product lineup has been the decorative hardware selection Knot & Rope Supply makes available. Using rope for handrails, towel bars, and other creative uses can now be achieved with items from their lineup of rope hardware for home or office.

“It’s a great job and our customers are some of the best people you could meet!” states Hartenburg.

No matter what your rope needs are, you can be sure to find what you want, including:

Dock Line Splicing

Custom dock lines or standard dock lines are no problem for the folks at Knot & Rope Supply. If there’s a color combination you want or a uniquely-sized eye splice requirement, they have you covered. Ask about color coordinated end whippings for your dock lines to aid in identifying different lengths.

Running Rigging

No matter what kind of sailboat you have, they carry what you need. The splicing shop can even splice your rope directly to your new or existing hardware.

Decorative Knotwork

Knot & Rope Supply can produce any type of decorative knotwork you can dream up. Their projects have been featured in many fine homes, offices, and retail establishments across all of the Great Lakes.

Rope Hardware and Brackets

Classic looking handrails for the home or cottage used to be nearly impossible to find here in the US. That all changed with the addition of fine rope bracket hardware to Knot & Rope Supply’s product line. Not only that, but you can also purchase the specific length and type of rope you require to create your own custom stair handrail.

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