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“Motor” Your Way To Relief From Chafing!

Published: Monday, December 3, 2018

Chafing… not usually a topic that comes up over cocktails or during dockside dinner. However, those who experience it say they’d do just about anything to get relief. If you get your “motor running” by boating, sailing, cycling, running, or simply sweating from physical exertion, the team at the Kanberra® Group has the solution to chafing you’ve been seeking. Let’s just say they took a passion which included a problem and pioneered a practical “application”.

Here’s the rub. The Kanberra® Group’s CEO, Joel Solly, and their R&D “science guy” have been competitive cyclists for decades. They’ve logged plenty of miles over a variety of terrains in all kinds of weather. That type of exercise produces some awesome health benefits along with some unwanted “collateral damage”, like chafing.

The duo set out to develop a chamois cream with healing properties and, 21 variations later, TAINT PAINT was born. (If you have to ask, you’re not a distance cyclist.) One simple message emerged: “Stay Safe from Chafe!”

TAINT PAINT rapidly gained traction in bike shops as the word (sometimes the whisper) spread. As more people experienced the benefits of the product, another “light went on” revealing the need for relief from chafing in the running world. Women and men all over the world who run the gamut from miles to marathons suffer from chafing and blistering.

Enter Kanberra® Anti Friction Cream which broke through the tape in October 2018 at the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, Virginia. The MCM is regarded as one of the premier running events not only in the US, but the world. Over 40,000 runners participated and were introduced to Kanberra® Anti Friction Cream, which contains the same effective ingredients as TAINT PAINT but with a “less descriptive” label! Both TAINT PAINT and Kanberra® Anti Friction Cream rely on pure-certified Australian Tea Tree Oil, along with other proven ingredients like vitamin B and aloe vera, to pack the punch needed to prevent chafing.

So, who else is benefitting from these products? Walkers have reported putting an end to “chub rub”. Soccer players are preventing the blisters on their cleat-clad feet. Police officers have found relief from the chafing induced from sweating while wearing bullet proof vests and divers and fishermen have weighed in reporting that they said “sayonara” to the chafing caused by salt water.

For more information on TAINT PAINT, Kanberra® Anti Friction Cream, and the entire family of Kanberra® products, visit

This article first appeared in the Year End Issue (Nov/Dec) 2018 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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