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Make Sure Your Watercraft is Ship-Shape

Published: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A clean boat is a happy boat. Keeping watercraft in ship-shape condition means adding value and extending the years of enjoyment of these large investments.

That’s why Presta® Marine’s line of products are designed to keep boats, yachts, and personal watercraft clean and protected. Our commitment to the marine market runs deep, with partners ranging from OEMs to distributors to marinas.

From gel-coat to painted surfaces, glass to metal, vinyl to plastic, Presta Marine has a complete line designed to protect and beautify from stem to stern. Our products are:

  • Born in a professional lab to offer high quality and consistent performance
  • Water-based and VOC Compliant
  • Available in a variety of sizes and packaging for convenience
  • 2-in-1 and dilutable products for maximizing economy

Here are seven simple tips for a keeping a ship-shape boat:

  1. Invest in good tools like a buffer, wool and foam pads, brushes, and microfibers. Presta has pads and accessories that handle a wide variety of needs and preferences.
  2. Start with clean surfaces and begin with the least aggressive product. Use our Ultra Concentrated Boat Wash for general cleaning and Hull & Deck Cleaner for tougher jobs. 
  3. Do not use wax on non-skid surfaces as waxing can make them slick and slippery! Presta Marine’s Hull & Deck Cleaner is perfect for cleaning non-skid surfaces.
  4. Buff, polish, and protect surfaces that are exposed to the elements.  Re-treat as needed throughout the season. Use aggressive PMC™ Complete Compound for P600 and finer sand scratches (heavy oxidation). Our Gel Coat Compound works for P800 and P1000 sand scratches (medium-light oxidation). 
  5. Keep the boat deck free of debris that can damage the gel-coat. Use Hull & Deck Cleaner or Express Detailer for tough jobs to keep the boat clean and shiny!
  6. Clean and protect the cockpit and cabin surfaces including benches, metal, Eisenglass, and other plastic surfaces using:
  7. To protect your boat from stem to stern, use UV Crème Wax for season-long protection.

Cleaning should be a regular maintenance practice for any boat owner. Following these simple steps will keep your boat looking like new from stem to stern. These products and more can be found at

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