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Published: Friday, June 9, 2017 10:00 am


Another advantage of the Nauti-Glide sliding mooring systems is increased safety and accessibility. By keeping your boat close against your dock, it allows for easier boarding of all passengers, crew and cargo.

The Nauti-Glide mooring system allows vertical travel while eliminating horizontal travel. The system slides up and down on an aluminum I-beam with the water level, while keeping your boat secure to the dock in all weather conditions.

Check out our website to find the size that’s right for your boat. Install the Nauti-Glide Mooring System to feel safe and secure every boating season from now on.Ken Mahlich, President said, “I got tired of worrying about my boat during storms on Lake Erie and decided to design a better way. In the process, I found that Nauti-Glide made it easier for my aging parents and my young kids to get on and off our boat.”

The better way to secure your boat!
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