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Hinckley Presents a New Era of Refined Performance

Published: Friday, May 17, 2019

The Hinckley Company started in 1928 as the Manset Boatyard in Southwest Harbor, Maine. From the very beginning, the yachts from the Hinckley yard were kept to the highest standards. Henry Hinckley was not satisfied with many off-the-shelf parts and soon the yachts from Hinckley came to feature custom designed and fabricated hardware such as stanchions, chocks, pulpits, and masts. This attention to detail made these yachts distinctive and, in time, they would earn the collective admiration of sailors and yachtsmen around the world.

The lines of a Hinckley were a direct result of their need to endure the rigors of life among the rocky coves and jutting promontories of Maine’s Acadian coast. Then as now, frivolous design had no place on such unforgiving waters. A specific form was borne of these nautical circumstances, characterized by a strong, well-found hull, sweeping deck lines to quickly shed foaming waters, with overhanging bows and fine counters to lend stability in angry seas.

Last year, Hinckley launched the Picnic Boat 40 and the Sport Boat 40c, two new designs that have caught the attention of boaters just about everywhere. The Picnic Boat 40 is a fresh update to one of the most successful Hinckley series ever built. Beautiful lines, innovative systems, and thoroughbred performance are hallmarks.

The hull of the new Picnic Boat 40 was designed by top naval architect Michael Peters and is built in Maine. Hull construction combines an inner layer of carbon laid bow to stern with a companion outer layer of Kevlar for bulletproof puncture resistance. This focus on advanced composite materials and dry-laid single bond epoxy infusion results in a yacht of tremendous strength, seaworthiness, and beauty. Weight savings in the hull structure allow for the signature teak woodworking accents, which are Hinckley hallmarks. The innovations in hull materials allow for the inclusion of luxury on deck and below deck, which owners and their families love. The Hinckley Company’s confidence in this approach is why they are unique among production and semi-custom builders in guaranteeing their hulls and decks for life.

Hinckley Yachts Picnic Boat 40

The powered hull-side door eases entry onto the boat and, unlike all other hull-side doors in the market, it can be remotely opened as you approach. Once opened, it stows inside the hull completely so that no cockpit space is sacrificed. Inside, the completely reimagined layout features seamless flow from transom to helm, plentiful lounge space, a wet bar, and full sun coverage by SureShade. Digital switching allows you to easily transition the electronics from day mode to night mode at the touch of a button on the multifunction display. Dynamic steering adjusts the steering tension and controls lock to lock range as you change speed. The completely redesigned Jetstick 3 allows easy navigation through tight turns and docking at tricky marinas.

Hinckley Sport Boat 40C

Designed from the outset for outboard propulsion and purpose-built for offshore performance, expect a visceral experience that will give you goosebumps and a smile from ear to ear. The key design parameters are agile handling, offshore comfort, and ease of use. The Sport Boat 40c is built of lightweight epoxy-infused carbon fiber and Kevlar™ with Hinckley’s world renowned craftsmanship.

An expansive forward J-seating area was designed for the Sport Boat 40c, and the stern area is defined by a leaning post amenity with optional ice maker and electric grill. Below deck is an air-conditioned cabin with refrigerator, cappuccino machine, cooktop, and microwave all standard. A U-shaped settee with seating for three converts into a queen sized berth. The Sport Boat 40c, and the new Sport Boat 40x launching this summer, bring a level of Hinckley refinement in materials, construction, product performance, and experience to owners interested in outboard powered boats in a wash down format.


This article first appeared in the Launch Issue (May/Jun) 2019 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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