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Get To A Higher Level Of Service With Coastal Yacht Detailing

Published: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

There’s nothing wrong with cleaning your boat yourself, or paying a good ol’ boy from your neighborhood to do it for you – as long as you remember that you get what you pay for. Maybe you pay for your own time or your own products, or your ol’ boy’s efforts, but you always pay for something.

Get Something Exceptional

For those boaters that carry superior style and want top-notch, stress-free service, Coastal Yacht Detailing should be on your proverbial radar. Launched in early 2018, this relatively new company has grown at a rapid pace because of their ability to deliver remarkable results.

“We have a team of detailers that take a lot of pride in their craft,” explained Travis Schwinkendorf, Owner of Coastal Yacht Detailing. “Each employee has been extensively trained, regardless of cost, because that’s what my customers deserve.”

Offering full detailing services for your boat, car, RV, motorcycle, or even airplane, Coastal Yacht Detailing leaves no speck of dirt behind. Not only can you expect vacuuming, wipe-downs, and polishing, but upholstery reconditioning, eisenglass polishing, and even bilge cleaning and degreasing are all available – and more!

“You want me to wash your boat’s bedsheets while I’m there? You got it,” says Schwinkendorf. “We truly offer high-end services done with passion, inside and out.”

For the outside of your boat, Coastal Yacht Detailing offers paint correction, gelcoat correction, and high-end finishing. They will clean and buff your boat’s hull with exceptional high-end polishers, followed by a polymer sealant. Together, this process will keep a heavily-used boat protected for an entire Great Lakes season.

CYD is also the only certified and authorized installer in the area for Ceramic Pro, the global leader in nano-ceramic coating technology. As the highest-end coating available, Ceramic Pro will bond to surfaces at a molecular level, filling in any nano-pores and creating a hydrophobic surface that is impervious to contamination. Plus, this finish will last for two solid Great Lakes seasons without the need to buff and wax, making for a glass-like finish that both prevents UV damage and eases the average cleaning job.

You can then maintain your newly detailed boat with a weekly wash service starting at only $2 per foot and have the shiniest, most well-loved boat on the shores of Lake Erie.

“We’ve created partnerships with some of the most reputable companies in the area including Marine Max, Clemons Boats, Happy Days Boating, and Catawba Mini & Heated Boat Storage,” continues Schwinkendorf. “These multi-generational companies are well-known and well-respected, and they know how to offer great customer care. Like them, I go above and beyond for my customers.”

Coastal Yacht Detailing’s sights aren’t limited either. Currently offering 18,000 sq. ft. of heated storage, bottom jobs and off-season projects can be safely completed in a well lit, secure location. Loyal customers can even expect “Coordination” in their list of services offered by CYD. As your ‘point man’, Coastal Yacht Detailing can make connecting with a trust-worthy third party – for any needed service – easy to manage.

“Our business plan and attitude - our goals - they’re simple,” explains Schwinkendorf. “Quality, consistency, reliability, and reputation at an affordable price.”

If you find yourself within a 60-mile radius of Port Clinton, Ohio, you need to reconsider where you take your boat. Keep your craft high-class at today.

This article first appeared in the Year End Issue (Nov/Dec) 2019 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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