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Fun Trinkets for Your Trailer

Published: Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By: Megan Straw-Meisler, Sales & Marketing Director of Loadmaster Trailer

Given that this article is for the “Buyer’s Guide,” I thought I would share with you some pretty cool trailer innovations that are now available. We are finding, more and more, that customers are looking to diversify their trailer to make it unique, all while remaining very functional. Here are a couple of fun options our customers are excited about!

GPS Tracking for Your Trailer
A small module is mounted on your trailer.  You then register on a website and are able to track the location of your trailer from anywhere! This is awesome for commercial hauling companies with numerous trailers on the road, to keep track of drivers, and for consumers to make sure their trailer is safe when being stored away from them.


Back Up Lights
Very bright, effective lights that warn people and vehicles around you that you will be shifting into reverse. They are also awesome to illuminate everything behind you in the darkness for safety concerns.


Mid-Frame Turn Signals
A "blinker" on the side of the trailer to alert travelers on the side of you and behind you that you will be turning or shifting lanes. These are an effective tool in increasing safety on the road, especially when towing at night.



Custom LED Light Packages
The possibilities are basically endless now in regards to custom underwater LED lights for trailers. There are small round grommet style lights, LED light strips, individual lights, and more. These definitely create a "wow" factor, while also making loading your boat on the trailer at night much simpler, given that you can illuminate virtually the entire trailer from underwater!


Blinkers, Strobes, Hazard Lights

These are very common for trailers built for the government, search and rescue, fire departments, etc. They are also utilized when towing boats and trailers that are over width and/or over height. These are a very effective way to increase safety, security and alert trailers on the road!

Loadmaster Trailer can accomplish all of these upgrades and more. Visit and contact us to plan a great holiday gift for the traveling boater in your life.

Have a question on trailering or boat trailers? Please feel free to email me at [email protected].


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