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From Fairport Harbor To Milan

Published: Thursday, March 14, 2019

A quiet revolution in boat building has occurred over the past few decades. While most boat builders still use woven roving, glass mat, and open-mold layup with polyester resin, the best builders now use hybrid laminates of glass and carbon fiber, vacuum-infused epoxy, and vinyl-ester resins and high-tech cores. These high-tech materials and techniques yield composite structures with ideal resin-to-glass ratios, producing boats with incredible strength – yet minimal weight.

Tartan/Legacy Yachts leads the way among U.S. production sail and powerboat builders with the latest materials and techniques, and ICE Yachts has come to the fore among Italy's large sailing yacht builders by using proprietary glass/carbon laminate with carbon reinforcements vacuum infused with epoxy.

Both Tartan and ICE use carbon fiber spars. Carbon fiber is superior to aluminum in every respect; its lower weight and greater strength allow for taller rigs and deliver superior performance under all conditions.

Legacy uses the same composite technology as Tartan. Indeed, the same artisans build both sail and power boats in the same Ohio plant, using the same materials and techniques. Legacy’s beautiful Mark Ellis-designs have a certain no-nonsense, Down East look that says "bring it on, I'll get you there."

Tartan has been the choice of discerning sailors for nearly 60 years. Tim Jackett continues to draw great looking classic American-style sailing yachts. These timeless designs will continue to turn heads for decades to come. But don’t let their conservative styling fool you; these are thoroughly modern hull designs that have always had great success on the race course. Tartan's latest designs – the 365 and the 395 – are the ones to watch.

ICE Yachts pulls out all the stops when it comes to style, performance, and exquisite detailing - best described as "floating art". Optional hydraulic lifting keels offer reduced draft without compromising performance. ICE Yachts' owner, Marco Malgara, brings Italian passion and pride to building the best of the best.

Turner-Johnson Yacht Sales Group is your Great Lakes source for boats built by Tartan and Legacy, and North American dealers for ICE. Just as these builders take pride in the boats they build, we take pride in the great boats we sell and the service we provide.

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