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Fractional Yachting With Bavaria Yachts

Enjoy an entire season of boating and then decide!

Published: Monday, April 2, 2018
By: Greg Marlo

With a Fractional Yachting Program, this is possible! It is perfect for people that have dreamed about owning a yacht but could not justify the expense, or for those that would like to try out the yachting lifestyle and explore if the family would also like it. Many people are simply too busy and don’t have the time to look after a boat and the day-to-day responsibilities, or previously owned a boat but have become tired of the hassles and time to maintain it in good condition. Probably the best reason to join a Fractional Program is when people want to buy a boat, but are not sure what they would want in terms of size, type, features and options.

If you live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you can now enjoy an entire season of boating without the expense and responsibilities of traditional boat ownership. With a Fractional Yachting Program - sometimes referred to as a Fractional Lease - you share the yacht of your choice, making reservations for your boat months or minutes in advance. You are one of a select group of yachts users and it is the closest thing to owning your own boat without the high cost and day-to-day responsibilities. Use it for a day excursion or week-long cruise through Lake Ontario perhaps visiting Niagara on the Lake, Prince Edward County, or dozens of other popular destinations.

“I’ve been a Fractional Yachting client for several years and it’s wonderful to have a late model, well-appointed and maintained boat at my disposal without the day-to-day responsibilities. I have a busy practice and love boating but would not have gotten into yachting otherwise.” ~ Dr. R Pinto

The program, made available through YACHT Solutions, is a practical boating system that allows you, the user, the satisfaction of accessing a beautiful late model yacht without all the hassles, headaches, and expenses that can be associated with ownership. You will captain a pristine yacht that is bigger than most of the other boats on the water with a minimum of 3-4 cruise times every month from May through to October. The annual fee includes usage, slip fees, insurance, maintenance, detailing, and management. The cost of sole ownership when calculating just the fixed expenses alone, not to mention the insurance, dockage, winter storage, maintenance, pump-outs, spring commissioning, and haul out, far exceed this. Plus, if you are like most boat owners, you only end up using your new boat 2-3 times per month. The YACHT Solutions program will bring you as close as possible to the feel of sole ownership.

A distinct advantage of this program is being able to access the newest, latest boats which are easier to handle, more enjoyable to use, safer, and more comfortable than ever. A program like this can only be further complimented with a fine selection of yachts.

Enter BAVARIA Yachts for the 2018 season! A combination of German engineering and Italian design, this award-winning, Germany-based yacht manufacturer is the most modern shipyard in the world to produce yachts. They aspire to build quality sailing and power boats using only premium equipment from only the best suppliers in the industry. Since 1978, more than 40,000 yachts have been built at their facilities. Bavaria have incorporated many unique features such as their tri-model designs. Three different configurations are available on certain sized boats, so you can choose from the Open, Hard-Top or Coupe designs.

Bavaria is on the forefront of innovation with patented construction technologies that ultimately improve performance. Their latest E-Line series of motor yachts offers a Hybrid Electric / Diesel powertrain for Environmental and Economic operation.

Bavaria offers an extensive lineup of sail, power, and catamarans with over 40 years of boatbuilding experience combined with world class 24/7 product support. Bavaria yachts are one of the most sought-after brands in the world.

“I entered into a Fractional Program to get comfortable operating a boat and getting a feel for what the lifestyle was like. This was an ideal step before I ventured out to buy one, which was my dream. The program took me from A to Z and gave me the confidence and knowledge to make a better buying decision for myself and our family. I highly recommend it for 1st time purchasers.” ~ C Lacey – Business Owner

Fully equipped Bavaria yachts will be available in the Greater Toronto Area offered by YACHT Solutions. These new sail and power yachts offer utmost comfort and safety for a paramount yachting experience. Now you can select the boat that suits your needs, one season at a time. This is the perfect “Try it before you buy it” program. All too often, you will see boats for sale that are only a few years old and hardly used. Likely an expensive lesson that can now be avoided.

You will be delighted to know that the boats are professionally managed and maintained impeccably which also includes being detailed, fueled up, and pumped out along with other day-to-day responsibilities. You will be spending most of your time enjoying the boat and entertaining your guests.

Flexibility and Convenience - Choose the yacht that best suits you.

The cost of sharing a first-class yacht starts at only $5220 for an entire season. No long-term obligations, no high ownership costs – just a modest membership fee that can be spread out over monthly payments and a refundable security deposit. YACHT Solutions uses a web-based, real- time scheduling system to easily and conveniently plan your cruising times.

Training is another important aspect of the program and full instruction is available. When you join, you will participate in an in-depth demonstration of your boat with one of our staff who will take the time to completely familiarize you with the boat. Many videos and tutorials are also made available, building competency and safety.

If you’re thinking about trying out this lifestyle, you could not make a better investment. Whether this is your dream of a floating cottage to share with friends and family or a unique way to entertain business clients and acknowledge your staff’s efforts, the program was designed to be flexible and convenient. You will be able to take guests cruising on a beautiful day, an evening, a weekend, or even a full week. You will not only take pride in the boat that you captain, but you also have the satisfaction of knowing that you aren't paying full price for such a luxury. You’ll feel great about the money you will be saving and likely find it hard not to tell everyone about how you embarked on this exciting lifestyle.

Visit to get started today.

Greg Marlo is founder and President of YACHT Solutions in Mississauga. He has been involved with Fractional Programs both in the aviation and marine industries since 1999. His experience in launching and managing Fractional Businesses while having been a Fractional client gives him a unique and diverse perspective. He uses his experience and knowledge to deliver yacht products and services to the highest level.


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