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Fractional Boat Ownership In Cleveland, Ohio

Published: Monday, May 18, 2020

By offering the ability to privately own, Riverfront Yacht Sales and Services has been providing the opportunity to enjoy boating at a reasonable cost for many years. Now, local area individuals, families, and corporations have the added opportunity to enjoy boating at a reasonable cost and with a reduced time commitment through a managed fractional boat ownership program.

Have a talk with the staff at Riverfront and receive professional and honest assistance in determining whether private ownership in a new or used boat is right for you or whether a yearly fractional ownership would be a better choice. Then, should you choose to enter your boat into fractional ownership, Riverfront Yacht Sales and Services will recruit and educate other prospective, competent, and liable owners to join the fractional ownership as well. Initially, they may even be one of them, so you can be assured your investment will find the right partners.

Proper education is available as needed, too. Gain confidence and knowledge with hands-on experience onboard your own boat, and enjoy boating with your family, friends, and coworkers onboard your own private boat or a fractional boat. Sound too good to be true? Let’s look at the facts.

Statistics show many existing boat owners do not use their boat anywhere close to 30 days a month, instead averaging 7-10 days a month. Assuming you are an average owner, the fractional ownership program divides your boat’s ownership by 2-5 owners, allowing you to use and enjoy the boat and pay only your fair share of the usage! It IS that simple!

Boat maintenance is always a bit of a chore. At Riverfront Yacht Sales, the fractional ownership program gives you the opportunity to either have the boat professionally maintained and the associated costs reduced by your share or you can elect to do it yourself(s). Consider the yearly mortgage, winter storage, dockage, and repair and maintenance costs reduced—at minimum—in half!

At this time, only sailboats are available in the program. All owners in the fraction will need to pass a standard test program, which ensures all partners are satisfied with each other’s competence in boat handling and safety skills. Classes will be provided by Erie Islands Sailing School, an accredited, established school utilizing USCG licensed captains and ASA-certified instructors. Flexible scheduling is available either locally in Cleveland or up in the Sandusky area. Choose group training at a decent discount or private one on one, depending on your wants and needs.

For local individuals interested in purchasing a new vessel from Jeanneau Yachts and placing it into a fractional program, Riverfront Yacht Sales and Services is offering buyer discounts, educational opportunities, and professional yacht management services.

The staff at Riverfront Yacht Sales and Services is Northeastern Ohio’s top sail and power yacht specialists. Founded in 1985, Riverfront is Cleveland’s only full service boatyard with a lift capable of managing any vessel up to 21 tons. Many qualified staff and over 14,000 sq ft of repair buildings under roof assure your service needs or repairs, whether rigging, fiberglass, mechanical, or electrical, will be completed professionally and on time.

Call or contact Riverfront Yacht Sales and Services for more details today! 216-861-7393;

This article first appeared in the Launch Issue (May/Jun) 2020 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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