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Published: Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The FLO-FAST portable fueling systems are quickly becoming the most widely used tool for re-fueling boats, personal watercraft, ATV’s, snowmobiles, and a host of other vehicles. The all American product will also pump diesel, kerosene, chemicals, and numerous other fluids. The system will pump as well as suction fluids at a rate as high as 8 gallons per minute with our Professional Model Pump, allowing you to pull fuel from all types of recreational vehicles, garden tractors, etc. at the end of each season before storage.


The most important aspects in the development of the FLO-FAST Systems were personal and environmental safety being paramount in the design. A tremendous amount of thought and common sense resulted in the most widely used portable fueling system in the recreational vehicle industry with safety as the number one goal. The ability to control the flow rate and watch the fluids pass through the hose assures precise visual filling into your fuel tank and when used properly you will NOT spill a drop!


Key Attributes:

The FLO-FAST system has 3 main components—a pump, container, and cart. Having the ability to remove the containers from the cart makes it very easy to transport. When you come home with full containers, simply place them on the cart and secure with our strap and you are ready to wheel the system wherever you need to.


The FLO-FAST pump has a spring loaded mechanism underneath the cap enabling the user to screw the pump on and off a container in seconds. The advantage with the FLO-FAST pump transferring so quickly from container to container is—you can have multiple vessels in the 10.5 or 15 gallon size to meet your gallon capacity needs (note: In the marine market, about 50% of the systems sold are purchased with extra containers).


FLO-FAST is offered in a variety of system configurations and you can buy everything individually. Please log onto to watch the FLO-FAST product video. Dealer inquiries are invited, please send us an email or call and we can walk you through our program.


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