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Published: Friday, September 2, 2016

In a vast ever-expanding sea of technology, the utility and power of mobile apps continues to dazzle. Check out the latest GLS app list below for some of our current favorites.

iNavX is the benchmark marine navigation mobile application and recently upgraded its top-rated program. The new iNavX release includes a full modernization of its back-end architecture, streamlining the operation of the software for a more fluid and user-friendly presentation. The feature-rich app is capable of displaying current position in real-time using the mobile device's built-in GPS, as well as plotting course, bearing, and waypoints. With its support of NMEA data over TCP/IP, iNavX also integrates with external GPS, AIS receivers and transponders, as well as networked instruments including depth, speed, wind, engine data, and battery voltage meters. Users can easily manipulate data by panning, zooming, and rotating charts. GRIB weather forecasts can also be downloaded and displayed on the app. Additionally, in response to customer feedback, X-Traverse chart lists update in real time, while background tracking and recording has been improved for better performance.

iNavX is available for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads from the App Store and priced at $24.99 for a limited time. Chart prices vary by manufacturer and region and range from $9.99 to $249.99. Existing users can download the v.4.7.4 update at no cost. For more information visit

Navionics+ Regions
Navionics+ Regions chart package is a versatile and innovative product, now available in a choice of 5 coverage areas throughout the U.S. and Canada. Providing three layers of content including Nautical Chart, SonarChart 1 foot HD bathymetry map, and Community Edits, with easy access to daily updates for one year, the new Navionics+ Regions provides all the features boaters rely on at an even more affordable price.

SonarChart 1-foot HD bathymetry is also preloaded in addition to Nautical Chart, giving boaters all the best cartography – right out of the box. To keep Navionics+ charts current, customers can get updates and download Community Edits anywhere within the coverage area. Navionics charts are updated with around 2,000 edits per day with official information, while SonarChart and Community Edits are continuously enhanced by regular contributions from fellow boaters.

Navionics+ Regions is available for $149 USD. Regions are divided into the following coverage areas: North, South, East, West, and Canada. For the largest coverage area, Navionics+ US & Canada is also available at $199. This new chart package can be displayed on your MFD or mobile device through the Navionics Boating app or any app that Navionics+ is available. To learn more about Navionics+ Regions visit

Theyr GRIBview Mobile
Theyr has a hard-won reputation as a provider of premium weather-forecasting tools. Its digital precision weather and ocean forecasting software has been scaled down for mobile devices and is called GRIBview mobile. For technophiles and offshore navigators, GRIBview mobile delivers a level of weather and ocean forecasting accuracy previously unseen in the mobile market.

GRIBview mobile provides free and unlimited GRIB downloads for GFS (Global Forecasting System) data at 1-degree resolution, as well as unlimited high-resolution data down to 1km resolution for exceptional accuracy. In addition, subscriptions to high-resolution premium weather data packages include wind speed, barometric pressure, precipitation, air temperature, sea surface temperature, significant wave height, period, and direction. NEXRAD (Next-Generation Radar) Doppler radar for North America and high-resolution Tidal Stream for North-West Europe are also included with many additional data types being introduced regularly.

Beautifully displayed and easy to navigate, the app provides mariners of all levels, abilities and requirements highly accurate, detailed and dense data — easily accessible from the Apple iPad. Data is also saved within the app ensuring mariners have access to the weather information they need while offshore and offline. Offered as a complete solution, Theyr Weather forecasting subscriptions provide multi-platform access, allowing users to view the same high-precision forecast data via mobile app, web-based interface, or software.

Theyr GRIBview mobile is available for free from the Apple Store for the iPad and includes downloads of standard data. High-res data subscriptions are priced at $19.90 per month or $164.90 per year, while subscriptions to premium high-res and additional parameters are priced at $35.90 per month or $329.90 per year.

For more information about GRIBview mobile visit

From Maine to the Caribbean, the Great Lakes, Newport, Annapolis, Fort Lauderdale and points in between, Dockwa connects boaters with the very best marinas and makes it easier than ever to find and reserve a slip or mooring. Users simply tap, book, and dock. Additionally, the app allows check-in and check-out times to be set, as well as berth type, and electric requirements. The app is free to download and setting up an account, complete with boat specs and payment information, is simple. Once an account is created, boaters can plan an adventure, request reservations, and automatically pay by booking directly through the app. There are no booking fees to use the app and confirmations usually come within minutes.

For more information on Dockwa, visit

Coast Guard Mobile App
As the nation's recreational boating safety coordinator, the Coast Guard works to minimize loss of life, personal injury, property damage, and environmental harm. The Coast Guard mobile app supports these missions by providing the essential services and information most commonly requested by boaters.

Features of the app include state boating information, a safety equipment checklist, free boating safety check requests, navigation rules, float plans, and calling features to report pollution or suspicious activity. When location services are enabled, users can receive the latest weather reports from the closest National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather buoys as well as report the location of a hazard on the water. The app also features an emergency assistance button, which will call the closest Coast Guard command center.

The Coast Guard mobile app is free and is currently available from the App Store and Google Play. For more information visit

Waypoint TV is an exciting new platform that provides premium outdoor video content to a growing audience of streaming viewers. Waypoint offers outdoor videos through its website, as well as mobile apps, Smart TVs, and a wide variety of over-the-top (OTT) platforms to allow free access to the latest episodes of the newest and highest-quality shows available.

The new platform is free to use and can be streamed directly on Smart TVs, Roku, Apple and Android mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast. For those without a compatible device, a notebook or desktop computer can be used to view shows directly on the Waypoint TV website. Current featured programming includes the latest episodes from Bass2Billfish with Peter Miller, Costa Films, Lindner’s Angling Edge, Silver Kings, Money Fish, Sweetwater, Flats Class, Saltwater Experience, The Next Bite, Into The Blue, and Seasons on the Fly.

For more information on Waypoint TV, the Waypoint TV App or the full line of available programming, please visit


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