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Faster, Spill-Free Fueling

Clean Way™ Makes a Big Environmental Impact 

Published: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It’s a common scenario at many marina fuel docks — splashing fuel all over your boat, your clothes, and even fuel spilling into the water. If you’re a recreational boat owner, chances are your boat’s fuel tank has “burped” while refueling, and the start of a pleasant day of boating has turned into a pile of fuel-soaked rags. It’s a problem that inventor Garry Fox of Fort Pierce, Fla., was no longer willing to put up with.

An avid boater, Garry, along with his wife Cathy, retired to southeast Florida to enjoy year-round cruising along the area’s beautiful waterways. However, he became increasingly irritated by splashes during refueling, and couldn’t help thinking about what it must be doing to the environment.

“I couldn’t stand the slopping of fuel at every fill up,” says Garry, “and I can’t think of any boat owner I know who doesn’t have the same concern!”

Determined to find a solution, Garry developed Clean WayTM Fuel Fill. It’s an innovative device that fits snug into your boat’s fuel deck. Adapters create a tight seal around both the fuel deck and the fuel nozzle, while the ingenious baffle design allows air to escape, diverting fuel back into the tank. The result? A spill-free refueling experience that not only keeps your boat and the environment clean, but also let’s you refuel at top speed. No more leaning in to listen to a sluggish flow.

Used by organizations such as the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection in Biscayne Bay, Coast Guard base at Norfolk, Va., and Santa Barbara Channelkeeper, the patented Clean WayTM Fuel Fill is quickly gaining in popularity. Made of heavy-duty composite material, it comes with an assortment of adapters to match any deck fuel plate and any size fuel nozzle.

Order yours direct at It’s a “must have” for boaters everywhere.


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