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Elegant And Impeccable, The San Juan 32 Center Console Is A Work Of Art

Published: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

This is a story of classic meets contemporary, teak meets Kevlar®, and a respect for heritage meets a maverick vision to build a new legacy—timeless. At San Juan Yachts, they believe that a yacht is a work of art. This philosophy drives everything they do. It is who they are. It is why, for instance, every material, system, machine, and fixture encountered from bow to stern is chosen for its singular performance and beauty. Couple this with industry knowledge from KAM Yacht Sales and an exceptional craft is born. Welcome to the renaissance of the American performance Center Console. The Southeast Center Console boat has gone north, and the result of the journey is the brilliant rebirth of a timeless design.

Presenting the San Juan 32 Center Console

Onboard the San Juan 32 Center Console is a recommitment to the traditional art of boat building: impeccable fit and finish simply not available on other vessels in this class; elegant lighting and fixtures; flawlessly brilliant tempered glass; a larger, more efficient sense of space; and hand-selected, perfectly-matched teak for the decks, railing, trim accents, cabin interior, and helm station.

“Every favorite aspect from hundreds of center consoles have been polished into one unbelievable model, making this the true gentleman’s center console,” says Daniel Stern, Founder of KAM Yacht Sales.

Performance that Commands Respect

With electronically synchronized twin HONDA engines and a slight input from the helm, she moves like a vessel a third her length. She’s responsive, relentless, and smooth—with absolute control. Why? Because a thousand critical decisions were made painstakingly and correctly. The hull is one hundred percent composite construction: E-glass, Kevlar®, and Corecell® foam core structure resin infused with vinylester resin for superior strength, a revolutionary technology that San Juan Yachts has refined and reinvented because it did not exist in its current form.

“The process saves thousands of precious pounds, resulting in the craft’s ability to respond faster and sip less fuel,” says Gilbert Villarreal, President of San Juan Yachts. “The best of the past has been carried forward here, retooled, rethought, redesigned. Reinvented.”

Hull shapes and propulsion are matched for solid tracking and dry rides across any sea, including the roughest. Her systems are state of the art. The boat easily spins in its own length and gently kisses the fenders to the dock with a touch of the joy-stick docking controls.

The San Juan 32 Center Console emits class, sport, and versatility, all while leaving enough room for customers to add their own personal touch. Included is the custom hard top with built-in recessed lighting, speakers, and glove boxes. With construction of the San Juan 32 based in Detroit, MI, the builders have auto industry connections, allowing the opportunity to choose from an endless color wheel of options to personalize the hull and interior colors. Customers have full customization control to create the center console they have been dreaming of.

“Our limited production business model is a unique way for us to service demanding niche markets without sacrificing quality or compromising our core values,” says Villarreal. “Mass production is incapable of creating a craft like this. It takes human hands. Art is achieved when form perfectly and efficiently follows function.”

Additional details and features of the San Juan 32 Center Console can be found at

Those interested in learning more about purchasing a San Juan 32 Center Console should speak with Max Brochert of KAM Yacht Sales at (248) 770-1366 or email [email protected].


This article first appeared in the Launch Issue (May/Jun) 2020 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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