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Effective Protection for Your Boat

Published: Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Even the most skilled boater has experienced damage to their vessel at a raft-off, at the dock, or just tying-up to a fellow boater. Big Bumper Company has developed the ultimate protection for your boat with these inflatable bumpers.

Boat owner Cal Miller saw a real need for a better solution to traditional fenders and, together with his sons, designed and created the Big Bumper Company. Made of quality reinforced .90mm PVC (similar to that of a white water raft) and with an H3 quick inflation/deflation valve, Big Bumper Company’s bumpers are available in 18” or 24” diameters and in four lengths. These options provide an effective solution for boats of varying styles and sizes.

Big Bumpers are available online, through regional distributors, and they’re making their way into local marine stores and boat dealer shops. Due to the wide variety of boat styles and sizes, selecting the right Big Bumper is dependent on the boat and the type of boating you enjoy. 

Tom Hastings, a regional distributor—for WI, IL, IN, MI, and OH—and the owner of Hastings Big Bumpers, has found that the 4- and 6-foot bumpers are popular with cabin cruisers because of their ability to be hung vertically, providing ample coverage of the hull. Meanwhile, the 2-foot bumpers are popular with bowriders, wake boats, and pontoon owners for everyday needs, and the 6- or 12-foot bumpers are perfect for alongside their docks. Houseboat owners utilize the 12-foot bumpers to keep their runabout boat safely secured to their vessel. Overall, customers who find themselves navigating the Great Lakes tend to prefer the 24" diameter bumper for that little extra protection from rogue waves and big wakes!

"Our customers appreciate the value of the bumpers because they offer superior protection,” says Hastings. “They're quick and easy to inflate and, when they are not in use, they deflate and stow away easily." 

With nearly 2,000 bumpers sold in three years of business, Big Bumper Company’s quality fenders have resulted in only three bumpers needing replacement, all of which were completely covered by their one-year, no-questions-asked warranty.


This article first appeared in the Buyer's Guide 2021 (Nov/Dec 2020) of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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