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Easily Install Your Own Anchoring Solution for Pontoons, Tritoons

Published: Monday, January 4, 2021

Last September, unseasonably warm weather combined with the 16-mile stretch of the Youghiogheny Lake reservoir allowed for plenty of room and the perfect, scenic backdrop to take a 24-foot Playbuoy pontoon and a 24-foot SouthBay tritoon out on the lake. The trip was to demonstrate E-Z Anchor Puller’s industry-changing Pontoon and Tritoon Anchoring Solutions, engineered by the North American drum anchor winch manufacturer.

Before setting sail though, both boats were featured alongside company president Aaron Knopp and pontoon anchoring solution installer Don Snyder, who spoke about the process of installing and operating both systems. The Playbuoy pontoon showed off the Hinged Pontoon Anchoring Solution; the SouthBay tritoon was retrofitted with the Retractable Pontoon Anchoring Solution, and both were powered by Hero EX-1 or Hero EX-2 drum anchor winches.

Mechanically speaking, the difference between these two patent-pending systems lies within the hollow raceways designed by E-Z Anchor Puller’s engineers. The hinged system has a folding bow roller that lifts the anchor up and out of the way of a pull-in dock, while the retractable system has an internal compression spring that allows the bow roller and anchor to be hidden underneath the deck of the boat when fully retrieved.

While one might appreciate the reassurance of seeing the hinged-style bow roller slightly protrude from underneath the deck, others prefer to leave their pontoon’s appearance “untouched” while still experiencing all the bells and whistles of the non-intrusive solution.

Either way, Snyder said the “simple install” for either solution can be done by “any novice” and confirmed the process is a straightforward one with the right tools and planning. Snyder complimented the simplicity of the system and pointed out that, while one person can complete the installation, they should “get their buddy to help.”

In part, the “simple” installation is thanks to the universal underside mounting plate included in both hinged and retractable installation kits. As a part of the provided mounting hardware for either solution, the plate supports any one of three drum anchor winch options the boater chooses to outfit their solution with: the Hero EX-1, Hero EX-2, or Patriot EZ-1. The included mounting plate has adjustable mounting slots for cross members anywhere between 20 to 28 inches apart, allowing the winch to be easily and securely bolted no matter how close or far apart the cross members may be. The winch itself should be installed between 6 to 24 inches away from the solution’s aluminum tube raceway to ensure the anchor rode filters through correctly.

After successfully mounting the drum anchor winch, the square aluminum tube raceway is mounted to provide a convenient pathway for the rope and chain to travel between the bow roller and drum anchor winch. The raceway has several pre-drilled holes to install the included mounting tabs and a U-shaped mounting bracket to the pontoon or tritoon cross members’ underside. This flexibility allows E-Z Anchor Puller’s pontoon anchoring solution to be a truly universal fit for any brand pontoon or tritoon.

On E-Z Anchor Puller’s YouTube page, the complete interview—“E-Z Anchor Puller’s HERO Tritoon Anchoring Solution Product Overview and Installation”—is available. During the video, Snyder, a marina employee, and a handyman demonstrate how to install the retractable pontoon anchoring solution.

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This article first appeared in the Winter Issue (Jan/Feb) 2021 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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