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Crystal Bay Novel: 'Shark Attack Feared, Again!'

Published: Friday, December 1, 2017

Jerry Carducci’s book “Crystal Bay” gives us a thrill and some insight as to how these sharks could get to the shores of Lake Erie and the Detroit River.

"Crystal Bay" tells the story of a pregnant female bull shark which, as her dying gift as a mother, gives birth to a pack of 12 live bull shark pups within the bilge of a freighter headed north to Cleveland and the mills of Detroit. Unluckily, the ship hits a reef on its journey and the pups escape into the green waters of Lake Erie just before freeze in late November.  The pups explore their new world, gorging on walleye, steelhead, and smallmouth bass, and grow quickly. With the spring thaw, another “food source” is delightfully introduced as human activity grows through the cold spring to the warm summer.

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