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Clean And Uncluttered, Secure And Easy - Chafe-Pro’s Fender Hook

Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Chafe-Pro®’s patented Fender Hook is a new and improved method to secure fenders and fender lines to handrails on yachts

Installed in a convenient wrap-around manner, the Fender Hook uses Velcro® hook & loops to close and secure itself around the piping or handrails. With an interior liner of our proprietary non-slip material, ShoreGrip®, the Fender Hook will remain in place on the railing. For those who prefer a soft liner, Chafe-Pro® offers models that use genuine New Zealand sheep wool — a great option for wooden hand rails.

The fender line is fed through the stainless steel grommets from the backside of the Fender Hook and up through the stainless steel cam cleat. This process completely secures the Fender Hook to the vessel and prevents accidental nudges that would otherwise knock inferior hooks off the rail and into the water below.






Excess fender line is kept out of the way thanks to the tie-down strap located on the back of all Fender Hooks, keeping the excess line from becoming a tripping hazard.

This new design will revolutionize the fender hook market due to being lightweight and flexible, easier to install, and present an aesthetically pleasing ship-shape appearance, rather than tying fender lines to hand rails which can be a blemish on the yacht's appearance.


Stowage space is always limited onboard and unlike other fender hooks, Chafe-Pro's Fender Hooks are able to lay flat, thus allowing users more room for other items.

Chafe-Pro® offers standard models with different options for leather color, hardware, and handrail size. Custom units are also available for larger diameter railings and come with the option to emboss logos or vessel names on the fender hooks.


All Fender Hooks are hand-made in the USA using the highest quality materials available in the industry: maintenance free leather, Gore® Tenara thread, Schaefer Marine cam cleats, and genuine New Zealand sheep wool.

Visit our website to order yours today!

 This article first appeared in the Year End Issue (Nov/Dec) 2018 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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