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AutoSig SMART Fuel Filter System

Published: Monday, December 11, 2017

As boaters, we know we should check for water in fuel, but we don’t always take the time. Removing a separator to check for water is not a simple task. What if there was a filter that ALERTED you to water in your fuel? Would you be interested? The AutoSig SMART Fuel Filter system does just that and it works with gas or diesel fuel. Water in engine fuel can cause engine damage, hard starting, loss of power, misfiring, or stalling.

The AutoSig® SMART Fuel Filter System is an integrated system combining a fuel filter, water separator, and real time water in fuel sensor. It provides the advantage of water in fuel sensing while maintaining the simplicity and reliability of a spin on fuel filter water separator. The filter has a self- contained sensor and is designed to pass UL 1105, ABYC and US Coast Guard fuel system requirements.

AutoSig® SMART Filter System is available with the latest connectors for marine applications. Have a newer boat with NMEA 2000 wiring? This system plugs right in. Have an older system? Use the gauge or indicator light package. Whichever system you chose, you will have an easier way to be alerted to water in fuel.

  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • 316 stainless steel filter head
  • Easily serviced metal spin on fuel filter available in three lengths

Interested? The system is available soon at

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