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How do you make a more reliable Outboard?

Use the most reliable fuel : PROPANE / LPG

Published: Thursday, February 4, 2016

LEHR PROPANE POWERED OUTBOARD MOTORS  use Propane also known as LPG ,  a less expensive fuel which does not go bad over  time therefore avoiding fuel-related / carbureted maintenance and repairs, particularly with today's ethanol added fuels.

  • Ethanol problems are plaguing small HP outboards as well as all engines. These fuel problems are not a warrantable problem.

LEHR, has the solution the award-winning technology company, is continuing its success with its propane powered outboard for fishing, shore boats, sailboat and pontoon boats.

The groundbreaking leader in research and development for environmentally friendly technology, LEHR was founded by Captain Bernardo Herzer, an experienced captain with a passion for the environment.    LEHR’s 2.5, 5.0, 9.9, 15HP propane models were the world’s first OEM propane powered outboards.  Once Herzer saw the positive impact on the environment, he was inspired to continue to apply his patented technology to create products with both higher power and cleaner emissions.

The benefits of propane over gasoline include lower fuel cost, no gasoline polluting the water, no ethanol or fuel-related issues, zero evaporative emissions, easy starts, (no choke), no priming, no carburetor gum-up and no winterizing.  “Gasoline is difficult to store and transport and the carbon monoxide fumes it produces can be harmful to boaters as well as the environment.  This effects the entire food chain.“ says Herzer who patented a way to make small commercial engines run cleaner and more efficiently on propane.

LEHR continues to crate the greenest and most reliable products on the market today , and it is Herzer’s mission to create a cleaner planet for you and his family through environmentally friendly technology.  The fuel, propane, is produced domestically and by using it we reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.  .

Current product line up: 2.5 HP / 5.0 HP – 2 Models / 9.9HP – 8 Models / 15.0 HP – 8 Models

For more information,  or contact LEHR directly at 310-839-9009.

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