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World Class at Sea: Mariner Binoculars by Fujinon

Published: Sunday, January 20, 2013 7:00 am
By: Fujinon

clientuploads/news/January 2013/Fujinon_2-1.jpgMore professional in comparison: the Fujinon MT and FMT series

For marine requirements Fujinon offers professional binoculars with exceptional precision in various models. Compared to other manufacturers you will find the highest quality at tremendous value for money – as demonstrated by the following quality features: the Fujinon MT and FMT have a tremendous field of view. At a distance of 1,000 metres the observer has an extraordinarily wide field of view of 131 metres. Through the highest quality and lightest lenses, Fujinon binoculars achieve world-class quality levels of light transmission. Thanks to a sealed metal housing and a non-slip rubber coating, Fujinon marine binoculars are sturdy and, of course, fully waterproof. If they are ever damaged, the Fujinon MT and FMT models can be fully repaired. Fujinon marine binoculars have a 30-year guarantee. Fujinon. To see more is to know more.

Ideal for marine use: 7 x 50 binoculars

If you want to observe something important or discover something fascinating, you need reliable binoculars. 7 x 50 category binoculars are ideal for marine use: “7” stands for seven times magnification, which will maintain a relatively steady image even on a moving platform (deck).

Greater magnification is not appropriate for marine use. “50” signifies the diameter of the lens. This allows a lot of light to enter the lens, which guarantees a light image, and binoculars with a lens of this size are comfortable to hold without support. The magnification and lens diameter are crucial to the following properties of marine binoculars: exit pupil, relative brightness, twilight factor.

clientuploads/news/January 2013/Fujinon_1-1.jpg

Travel Light: with the Fujinon Mariner Binoculars

They float in the water. Fujinon Mariner binoculars are straightforward binoculars. Even so you will still gain the benefits of a good set of binoculars with excellent twilight performance and solid construction that Fujinon guarantees for 10 years. The Mariner binoculars have a nitrogen-filled, polycarbonate housing, making them extremely light. Even without a flotation strap these binoculars float in the water. The WPC is also equipped with a precision illuminated compass. And with all these features it is unbeatable value for money. It pays to compare!

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