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Wolverine Inflatables Services and Recertifies your Emergency Equipment

Published: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 9:00 am

WOLVERINE INFLATABLES is a leader in the service and sales of emergency inflatable products for recreational boaters in the Great Lakes Region of the United States.

Many boaters in the Great Lakes and central United States don’t think about emergency inflatables like Life Rafts or MOM units until it is too late. On the Great Lakes, when a dreadful event like a boat fire or sinking happens, it’s not necessary to survive for days at a time, but because the year-round water temperatures remain so very low, staying out of the water for even a short period of time can be the difference between life and death! A LifeRaft can be deployed in less than 20 seconds and a properly operating MOM can be the difference between saving your crewmate and losing them forever. When disaster strikes, time is critical!

Service and Recertification

Professional service and recertification of your LifeRaft or MOM is your assurance of reliability in case of an emergency.

Wolverine Inflatables delivers reliable and professional service at affordable prices and integrates quality and control into its marine inflatables shop. We carefully unpack each unit and inspect it for damage and check for leaks and operation of the all equipment before recertifying it for continued use.

Specializing in the service of emergency Life Rafts and Man Overboard Modules (MOM), Wolverine Inflatables is factory-authorized and factory-trained to perform maintenance, overhauls, and recertification of Winslow Life Rafts, Switlik Life Rafts and MOM units, EAM Life Rafts, and many other brands. Wolverine Inflatables is the only Winslow factory authorized service station in the entire central United States, including America’s Great Lakes.

If you need service and recertification of your Winslow LifeRaft, Switlik MOM, or other brand of emergency units, call Wolverine Inflatables at 877-570-ASAP (2727) today. Fast, reliable, and superior service is what you can count on from Wolverine Inflatables. Pickup and delivery service is also available in a wide area around the Great Lakes. If you would like more information, call 877-570-ASAP, or visit

Wolverine Inflatables is owned and operated by Aerospace Services And Products.

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