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WaterDog Adventure Gear™: More “WAG” for You and Your Dog

Published: Friday, July 14, 2017

WaterDog Adventure Gear™ (WAG) has positioned itself as one-stop shopping for dog ladders to get your best friend in and out of the water safely. There are nine models of WAG Boarding Steps™ to cover all types of boats, docks, swimming pools, and vehicles. The company will also do custom designs.

"Our mission is to make a day of water activity safe and more enjoyable for dogs and the humans accompanying them,” says Jim Perkins, Owner and President. "Owners come to us because they want to take their dog swimming, but hate the idea of constantly needing to be there to lift the dog out of the water. Our solutions make everyone happy.”

Driven by this purpose, WaterDog Adventure Gear listens to customer needs and responds. “We have continued to expand and improve our product line,” states Perkins. “Our very first model, the patented SLM-12 which quickly attaches and detaches to the boat’s swim ladder, underwent a significant design improvement last year giving it more adjustment so that it fits nearly all swim ladder rung spacings and angles.”

All WaterDog Adventure Gear products are made in the U.S.A., which is a source of pride for the company. But Perkins will be the first to say, “Don’t buy our products because of where they are made; buy them because they are the best made anywhere.”

WaterDog Adventure Gear is currently only sold direct, primarily on the company's website at Most of their products are also available on eBay which the company uses for export sales. Additionally, the website contains a wealth of information including links to all the WAG Boarding Steps owner’s manuals, model selection guides, and social media pages where customers have provided pictures and videos as testimonials. While there, don’t miss the WAG Users Group that showcases some of the customers getting their “WAG” on.

Visit today and find the boarding option that works for you.

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