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The Complete Package

Published: Thursday, April 13, 2017 9:00 am

It’s that time of the year again when dreams of the summer breeze and long lake days are filling heads with great memories from the past and providing a yearning for making new memories! There is something unique about that experience of being on the water with family and friends. The days can’t last long enough. There is always one more moment to laugh about, one more wake to ride and one more beverage to enjoy. Those moments on a boat can be euphoric.

Infinity had you, the boater, in mind when they launched their Luxury Woven Vinyl™ flooring nearly ten years ago. The founders were recreational enthusiasts who wanted to extend moments with friends and family on the water. They grew tired of the clean-up forced upon boat owners at the end of a memorable day. Wet, stained carpet took forever to dry. If you skipped the nightly clean-up once, the stench of mold and mildew haunted your next adventure. Instead of extending days into nights on the water, you were left with stale and stinky memories from the last time out on the boat. They introduced the boating community to their flooring and the industry hasn’t looked back.

Luxury Woven Vinyl™ (LWV) is the premier flooring choice for boaters. Designed for the harshest outdoor environments, it comes with a ten-year UV/fade warranty. This means no worn areas from foot traffic or faded sun spots or discoloration. It provides a lasting first impression for years. Beyond the unique and dynamic design (of which there are over eighteen collections and 150 colors), LWV is antimicrobial so no stench of mold or mildew, it resists both! Pets love the flooring. You can even go fishing on LWV without worry of hooks catching or blood staining. On top of all of that, LWV dries quickly meaning longer days on the water making memories instead of cleaning up after them.

Eighteen months ago Infinity launched two new products: Superior™ Upholstery Vinyl and Supreme™ Bimini, Awning, and Canvas. They took the security and confidence they brought to flooring and gave boaters a better option for upholstery and bimini; the complete package. While the products are new lines to Infinity, they come heavily tested and carry the world class benefits you’d expect from Infinity. Superior™ is a fifty-one color collection of upholstery vinyl that includes both leatherette and carbon fiber designs. Leatherette provides a classic look while carbon fiber is much more edgy. With a seven-year UV/fade warranty, Superior™ leads in protection. It is also anti-microbial and resistant to pinking.

Supreme™ lifted the exact same technology you’ve come to expect in a LWV floor and placed it in the bimini. It is designed for durability and performance. Unlike polyester or acrylic biminis that take continual application of waterproofing agents or dual layers for protection, Supreme™ is a tightly woven bimini that withstands harsh rainstorms building up 6.5 cm of water before you feel drip through. No additional waterproofing applications are necessary. It can also be heat or sonic-welded removing the need for sewn stitching for a tauter and cleaner application. Supreme™ carries a ten-year UV/fade warranty while also remaining antimicrobial and very easy to clean.

Infinity believes that less time should be put into maintenance and cleaning and more time put into experiences and memories. That’s why they developed the complete package of products to extend your days on the water. So the next time you’re caught in a daydream for summer, start surfing to pick out your bimini, upholstery, and flooring to make those dreams a better reality.

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