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Keep Your Vessel Clean with Birdie Blocker

Published: Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What do you do if someone says they have a problem? If you're in the boat business, you find a solution. And that's exactly what Greg Thompson, CEO of his startup company, has done. Presenting Birdie Blocker, the ingenious new way to prevent birds from roosting on your railing. How does it work and what makes it different you ask? First, it's primary purposes are ease of use and manageability. The pre-assembled kit consists of 9 high-quality plastic molded clips with UV inhibitors, 60 feet of 60 lb. monofilament fishing line, and a fishing reel. Competitor products require boaters to measure out and tie twine from station to station as the clips are being placed on the railing and then when the product comes off, it gets tangled!

Birdie Blocker is pre-assembled and is easily extended around any railing measuring 7/8" to 1". All you have to do is snap the clips on where you want them and then tighten the line using the reel. The line will hover approximately 1" above the railing deterring birds from roosting and therefore not pooping on your boat. When you are ready to go out cruising, simply remove the clips and wind them in using the reel. Birdie Blocker is designed to be tangle-free, hassle-free, and cruelty-free! All of which gets you in the water faster. Now isn't that what every boater truly wants?

Birdie Blocker can be purchased directly on their website for $89.90

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