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Hot Water On The Go For Outboard Boats

Published: Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Whale is delighted to announce its latest innovation in water heating. The S360EW is an Electric Only 12V 3 Gal
Water Heater unique to the marine industry.

Lightweight and compact, with fast heat up and easy to install the new Whale 12 V Water Heater is ideal for use
on outboards and smaller boats where access to power or space can be restricted. The water heater connects to
12 V power supply eliminating any need for a generator, inverter or shore power.

Compact Design To Suit Many Locations Onboard
The Water Heater’s neat design means that it can fit in compact spaces and the electric only connections means
that installation is no longer tied to the engine but can be fitted in the galley, transom or other storage spaces.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This simplifies installation and provides more options for space on-board.

Rapid Heat Up and Great Heat Retention
The 12V Water Heater has a rapid heat up time producing hot water in less than an hour, and is highly efficient
with heat retention of up to 10 hours. By providing 3 Gals of hot water at a time, it is perfect for use with deck
showers and warming wet suits.

Safe Operation and Easy Maintenance
With all Whale Water Heaters, safety is a priority and the 12V water heater is no different with an integrated
temperature and pressure valve plus a thermal cut-out and heat indication output. The heater also has an
integrated anode which can be easily serviced for longer system life and the front facing relay is designed for
switching at the helm intended for ease of use and control.

High Quality Marine Appropriate Materials and Construction
The heater is manufactured from white epoxy coated material which is not only ideal for a harsh marine
environment but aesthetically pleasing and lightweight. With tank welded mounting brackets and integrated
magnesium anodes the Water Heater is safe and secure for marine installations.

Doug Stubbs, USA National Sales Manager commented –

“The Whale team is excited to launch this new 12V 3 Gal Heater as a step forward in marine water heating. From
conception to production, this product has been focused on providing a solution for water heating on board that
doesn’t require high power input. The S360EW is ideal for outboard boats, particularly for warming wetsuits or a
quick deck shower but equally can be installed in the galley or as part of a shower system. The compact design
and 12V power connections make it versatile and unobtrusive so it can be installed anywhere on board. Boasting
both fast heat up and long heat retention, this heater gives the user hot water when they need it most.”

Quality Innovation, Service
Whale design, rapid prototype, manufacture, distribute and market Whale Water, Whale Heat and Whale Cook
products globally, from their manufacturing bases in Whittier, California and Bangor, Northern Ireland. Product
lines include fresh, bilge and waste water management systems, water heaters, galley appliances and
accessories. The Whale in-house design team of 40 engineers build on decades of experience and work in
collaboration with sail and power boat builders all over the world. Over the last 7 years more than 17 world-wide
design patents have been registered highlighting the innovation culture created within Whale.

The main quality Whale believe boaters expect is consistency in performance. Whale are dedicated to ensuring
100% of products are tested before they leave the manufacturing facility to ensure the highest levels of reliability in the field.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Whale laboratory also runs continuous life tests to ensure product is meeting the high quality standards set by itself.

For more information on the Whale 12 V Water Heater or any other products contact Sheila Harper at
[email protected] or visit

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