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Published: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It's launch time! And with it comes thoughts of weekend cruising, gorgeous mornings on the lake and beautiful summers. So what if you could simplify some of the enjoyment on your boat by adding some great tasting drinking water without the need to lug cases of bottled water on board? Imagine that hot cup of fresh-brewed coffee made just like you would at home? The multi-award winning PureWater+ system by Forespar can bring that reality to your boat through its patented on-demand ultra-clean water filtration process.

Introduced last September and voted “Best Product” in the Newport International Boat Show, the elegantly styled PureWater+ has gone on to win the coveted Pittman Award from Sail Magazine and the Fisheries Supply Innovation Award as well as several industry accolades from Europe to North America. The PureWater+ combines space-saving sensibility with ease-of-use filter changes through a simple patented twist-n-drop, quick-connect, 1/4 turn design all performed above the countertop! No more crawling under the sink or disconnecting clumsy hoses. And the compact filter housing helps maximize your already limited under-sink storage space. The PureWater+ also offers the full protection of 5 micron and optional .5 micron activated carbon filtration.

Available as low as $152 the All-in-One Starter Kit comes complete with the faucet, filtration chamber, all hardware, and one each of the 5 micron and .5 micron filters. Replacement filters are easily available.

Install separate from the main faucet, connect to the cold water line and it is ready to go. And with the easy filter change-out, in less than 20 seconds, it is ready to produce purified water. The PureWater+ operates with pressurized and foot-pump systems, making it ideal for any sized vessel and each filter offers from 250-350 gallons of clean drinking water.

The PureWater+ system is available online and in stores. For additional information, visit

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