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DryFins: The Must-Have Trunks For Your Summer Vacation

Published: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 9:00 am

Get onboard and out to sea with everything you need with a pair of DryFins! Make sure your summer cruise is smooth sailing with these comfy trunks. Bring them along on any family cruise without feeling the annoying chafing like you did from your old swim trunks. DryFins’ anti-chafing swimwear keeps you comfortable as you race those jet skis or play in the pool. With DryFins, you’ll be able to play all day with no painful chafing!

Made from quality materials, DryFins contains a specially designed liner that protects from rash and chafe, giving you a relaxing day of fun around the water – whenever you want!

Find out why DryFins is the new must-have for your summer cruise:

  • Designed by guys, for guys, guaranteeing all water irritation is solved
  • Available in men’s and boy’s sizes, in either classic red, blue or green
  • Features two deep pockets on the sides and velcro back pockets to hold your valuables— just don’t forget to remove them before hopping in the water!
  • Affordable swim trunks, retailing at $47 for men’s and $39 for youth sizes
  • DryFins also offer a variety of cool & casual T-shirts, summer hats or visors!

So if you’re heading on a cruise this season, have fun in the sun all day, while staying chafe-free with DryFins – the better bathing suit for guys!

Please visit or contact [email protected] for more information.


The chafe-free guys at DryFins have been water lovers from birth. Founders Andy Safnauer and Craig Taylor spent many summers fishing and dipping in national lakes and swimming and boating along the coasts of the South Carolina, the Gulf of Mexico and Hawaii. While finding it tough to pin down favorite water moments, their least favorite moments were painful chafe from a wet swimsuit. After the final lugging of their kids' beach pails and chairs led to the inevitable chafe waddle, Andy and Craig were determined to find a better solution. They put needle to thread and today are designing and manufacturing a whole cool family adventure apparel line.

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