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Donít Dock Without It!

Published: Wednesday, September 24, 2014



As the potentially rough weather of fall approaches and the risks for tropical storms and hurricanes increases, a long-time leader in the global fight against chafe abrasion emerges just in time with an all-new revised product line for the small boat market. Globally recognized for over two decades as the leading manufacturer of chafe-abrasion protection devices; Chafe-Pro® was originally developed in 1991 by their parent company, FJORD, Inc., at the time themselves a 25 yr. old nautical instrument manufacturer. In 1995 FJORD, Inc was awarded a US patent for Chafe-Pro’s unique design and wrap-around-closing feature. Receiving an Editor’s Choice award in 2011 from Practical Sailor magazine and being the only chafe gear to receive a rating of “Excellent”, Chafe-Pro is regarded as the best chafing gear offered on the world market.


Often imitated but never duplicated, Chafe-Pro has been holding off round after round of competitors for years now on the global market for commercial marine and mega yachts, each time outperforming and over delivering quality and results. Chafe-Pro’s longevity and reputation are attributed to the meticulous detail installed in the design and manufacturing of each unit. Their patented hook-and-eye closure seam and interior full-length hook-sided strip of Velcro which locks the lines in place for the full length of the chafe protection are what makes them unique. But it’s their proprietary nylon weave with ribbed texture able to withstand hurricane-force abrasion that has proven to make them superior.
Watching them at shows take a belt sander with 60 grit sandpaper to the nylon with nary a scratch on it after more than 4 minutes is enough to make a believer out of anyone thinking they can get away with the cheap imitations. But what Great Lakes boaters will really love is the softer side of Chafe-Pro: the Wooly®. Made from imported New Zealand sheep’s wool these unique offerings not only provide a chafe guard they offer the perfect protection for your gelcoat and paint. FJORD, Inc. guarantees that Chafe-Pro will outlast and outperform all removable anti-chafe protection devices, when tested under the same conditions.

For more information visit or look for the Chafe-Pro products at the upcoming fall boat shows

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