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Discover a Better Filtration System: The TNT Spot Free System

Published: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 12:00 pm

The TNT System is a four stage filtration system versus other systems that use only a single stage or just one type of filtration media. The TNT System removes numerous contaminants that other systems do not address. With our multi-stage system, each of our filters has a vital role in the process of filtration and together they produce deionized water and result in a spot free wash. In the TNT System, the first two filters remove the bulk of chemical and solid contaminants and the last two remove all common ions, both positive(+) and negative(-), to produce an ultra pure product: water. In addition, no electrical hookup is required.

Our first filter specifically removes the contaminants through adsorption and oxidation. The second filter removes particles through containment and entrapment. Then, the water passes through to the final stages (three and four) to remove all the common ions and any remaining contaminants in the water. Our filters trap contaminants that other systems allow to pass through their process.

Examples of some of the contaminants that our first two filters remove would be chlorine and other corrosive chemicals, as well as iron and other metals. These layers filter the water down to one micron. This provides that no silt, sand, undissolved minerals, mold, oxidized metals, or any substance larger than one micron in size will pass through to the final two filters. This saves them for the final polish and purification of the water, which is the job they are designed to do. The final two layers remove all common ions ( + and - ) such as dissolved calcium, lime, and magnesium that can cause water spots.

The TNT System protects boats, vehicles, and more from water spots, but also from electrolysis and/or corrosion that is caused by what is in water before being treated by our TNT System.

The end result is the TNT System provides purer water than any type of ion exchange alone and the cost per gallon of the final product is less than other systems on the market. Discover your new, better filtration system at


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