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An Under-Appreciated Accessory, Fenders Can Save Your Boat

Published: Friday, May 5, 2017 9:00 am

Boat Fenders are one of the most important accessories any boater needs to have on their vessel. It should be the first item purchased when venturing out on any boat in any condition. They are the only protection a boat will have against docking or rafting with other boats. That is why it is important to purchase quality fenders, and to inspect your fenders on an annual basis. It is a small investment to ensure the safety of your vessel when docking or moored.

Today’s boat fenders are manufactured through the roto-molding process. This process heats and rotates Plasticol material in a mold until the material is cured. This manufacturing process produces a fender with an even wall thickness ensuring consistent quality and durability. As part of the process, the fenders are also incorporated with UV inhibitors and fungicides to ensure the fender doesn’t crack, turn yellow, or burst.

Dolphin™ Boat fenders by Dock Edge+ Inc. are uniquely roto-molded with a one-piece construction design. The design also ensures the air valve is molded into the fender, thus preventing any separation of the valve body from the fender. This keeps the valve seal securely intact and allows for easy inflation when needed.

Dock Edge+ offers several styles and sizes to match any boater’s needs or applications. Twin Eye Smooth fenders are designed for both vertical and horizontal mounting. The smooth finish prevents the marring and marking of the gel coat on a vessel. Twin Eye Ribbed fenders have multiple reinforced ribs, to prevent the fender from rolling making it ideal for the most demanding applications. Finally the Ribbed Center Hole fenders are designed with reinforced tube ends, and ribs for added strength and durability. The molded-in center tube allows for easy installation with fender lines, allowing for the option of mounting the fender horizontally or vertically. All the fenders come with a lifetime guarantee against bursting and splitting.

Boat Fenders might not be the first accessory a boater thinks about and is probably the most underappreciated asset on the boat. However, consider using Dolphin™ fenders next time you moor or dock your prized boat, and let their unique products give you peace of mind. Visit to replace your current fenders or to stock up this season.

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