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Published: Sunday, March 17, 2013 7:00 am
By: Steve Fox

clientuploads/news/March 2013/dinghy5.jpgThe ultimate mini-center-console for your dingy. Made from 100% boat safety rail with welded fittings, the consolette is strong. Its’ lighter than fiberglass, see-through frame construction makes stretching his legs out a breeze for the helmsman when seated…even with a passenger in the jump seat. Standing approximately 40" tall, 15" wide & 8" deep, the consolette has a tiny footprint…making it appropriate for dingies as small as 8'. Its’ stand-up, centered helm affords the helmsman the best possible visibility, tracking and control…allowing him to stand & carve his turns, or engage tiller steering at will. A short tiller extension puts the tiller close at hand whether standing, or seated on our optional aft leaning-post.


  • Collapsible, Compact, Lightweight, Center-Console
  • EZ-in, EZ-out of ANY dingy ANY time – inflatable or skiff
  • Visibility from standing helm enhances safety
  • Center-helm trims boat for performance tracking & control
  • Generous helmseat legroom - open frame construction 
  • Integrated, Mid-Line Jump Seat – proper trim with crew aboard
  • Collapsible Aft Leaning Post – comfort & control: helm flexibility
  • Fits boats as small as 8 feet

The consolette lets the helmsman stand and carve a turn, just by shifting his weight… as if he were steering a surfboard. Or he may sit, stretch his legs out & work the outboard tiller at will. A short extension keeps the tiller close at hand: standing or seated, leaving the helmsman comfortably in control at all times. All boarding handles fold up, allowing free movement about the boat. Open, stainless frames are strong, yet lighter than fiberglass. The consolette & integrated jump seat fold to the floor as a unit inside the boat, for EZ stowing. The leaning post, cantilevered over the outboard, is stingy with precious floor space, also folds to the floor. (See performance video:

clientuploads/news/March 2013/dinghy3.jpgThe consolette is available as a fixed or collapsible WHEEL-CONSOLETTE for compact wheel steering. It can be ordered at standing and seated helm heights. Custom projects are welcome.


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