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Fitch Fuel Catalyst Proven Effective on Marine Diesel and Gasoline Engines

Published: Monday, October 25, 2010 7:00 am
By: Fitch Fuel Catalyst

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst can be a Captain’s best friend when it comes time to filling the fuel tanks or cleaning the soot off the stern of your boat. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst, an effective retrofit pollution control system, has been tested and proven to reduce fuel consumption by 5-12% or more and reduce toxic exhaust emissions and diesel smoke & soot by 20-60%. It also increases horsepower and torque in marine diesel and gasoline engines.

“It’s all about the fuel” is what the manufacturer of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, Advanced Power Systems International (APSI), says. “The Fitch Fuel Catalyst improves the quality of the fuel causing the fuel to burn cleaner and more completely”, according to Nora Hewitt, Sr. Vice President of APSI. “The Fitch does nothing to the engine. It simply improves the quality of the fuel”, Hewitt added.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is an excellent alternative technology for boaters to keep the Great Lakes cleaner and pollution free.

WHAT IT IS The Fitch Fuel Catalyst: The Fitch Fuel Catalyst (FFC) is a patented metallic alloy that reformulates fuel on board a vessel or vehicle prior to combustion. The FFC is easily retrofitted into an engines fuel system between the fuel tank and the engine, modifying the molecular structure of fuel to a state where it is capable of more complete combustion. As a result the engine converts the chemical energy in the fuel to mechanical energy in a more efficient and complete manner. The engine power is increased and toxic emissions per unit of fuel are decreased. As fuel passes over the catalyst, the gasoline or diesel are reformulated into a superior quality of fuel allowing a combustion engine to extract the maximum amount of energy with minimal emissions. Warranted for 250,000 miles (consumer applications) or 500,000 miles (commercial applications), or equivalent operating hours, the FFC is a permanent treatment that does not lose its potency and never dissolves or deteriorates which is why it differs from additives that require replenishing.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst does not make any mechanical or electronic changes to the vehicle or engine. Independently tested to ASTM standards, FFC treated fuel demonstrates superior characteristics in Cetane & Lubricity and molecular composition compared to untreated fuel for diesel and increased octane for gasoline. The FFC complies with Lloyds’ Registry, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), U.S. Coast Guard standards and is shock tested to US Military regulations. Fitch installed after Racor® filter.

Fitch Fuel Catalyst used by a growing number of boat-owners world-wide

According to Al Thompson, and environmental specialist with Y3K Energy Solutions, an environmental consulting firm in Torrance, CA, “Higher fuel prices and more strict environmental regulations plus the current world-wide “Green” movement have generated more interest in alternative technologies such as the Fitch Fuel Catalyst to reduce fuel expenditures and pollution. People are starting to take a closer look at the Fitch Fuel Catalyst”.

Interest in the Fitch has also grown sharply over the past few years in the power boating and commercial fishing industries in the United States and Europe. “According to a number of recent reports, some commercial fishing boats on the west coast are reporting a 15-20% improvement in fuel economy in their main engines, and their generators are running smoother and quieter”, Thompson added.

Fitch Fuel Catalyst is now widely used by U.S. Department of Defense in multiple applications.  

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst works on: BOATS GENERATORS SHIPS BUSES TRUCKS CARS RVs OFF-ROAD EQUIPMENT MOTORCYCLES. It works on all diesel and gasoline engines.

Here is what some boat owners have reported:

Western Fish Company Commercial Fishing Company (Terminal Island, Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach): “showing 10-15% reduction in fuel consumption on their two purse seiners…  We would be pleased to discuss our experience with the Fitch product and recommend it to any business”.                                      

Royal Dawn (San Diego): Owner and Captain  Brent Bixler reported in July 2010 on his initial trip from San Diego to Fish Harbor, after installing a new set of Fitch Fuel Catalysts, that he measured (with FloScan®) a reduction in fuel consumption on the main from 8.5 to 8.0 gph at 1300 rpm in flat calm seas”. With a 1/2 gph reduction in fuel, this would equate to $2,500 in direct fuel cost savings if the main is operated 20 hours per day for 100 days and fuel costs remain at current $2.50 price in Fish Harbor. He knows the Fitch Catalyst technology works and recommends that all his fellow fishermen install a Fitch Fuel Catalyst to reduce fuel consumption and improve air quality as soon as possible.

“Ocean Angel III” (San Pedro): Ship’s engineer Rich Lashbaugh, with more than 20-years experience keeping Bering Sea crab boats running, states: “This product works! Anyone who has questions, just have them call me! Within 3 hours of operating the Izuzu gen-set engine, the always present “clanking” of the cylinders stopped. Same with the main Cat3408.”

According to Mark Phillips, President of Power Fuel Savers, LLC, a Fitch Distributor: “Fishermen are not surprised when I tell them that the marine diesel fuel they are being supplied with in west coast harbors has suffered extensive degradation in the fuel dock’s cold-damp storage tank and in their own tanks by the time they run it through their engines; otherwise, I don’t believe our commercial customers would be seeing such dramatic improvements with the Fitch fuel catalyst treatment”.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst has an impressive list of Credentials including SAE, ASTM, Federal FTP-75 highway fuel economy and emissions test. According to Hewitt of APSI, “The federal FTP-75 test of the Fitch on a GMC Duramax diesel engine showed a better than 13% improvement in fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. This is a significant improvement, good for the pocketbook and good for the environment”.

It is time to help improve our air quality and the consumption of fuel by embracing technologies that have a proven record. 

Join the Climate Leaders and Fitch in their worldwide campaign to educate consumers about operating a CLEAN, GREEN FITCH ENGINE. Improve Air Quality Install Fitch!

For pricing, installation and additional information on the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, contact: Al Thompson / Y3K Energy Solutions at (310) 497-1798 or email at [email protected].

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